Every year hundreds of thousands new cases of breast cancer occur in the United States alone, with approximately 250,000 of them being invasive forms of breast cancer, and an additional 2,600 cases being found in men. No Bra Day encourages women everywhere to go without their bra to raise awareness for breast cancer and the challenges that those with it faces. If you know someone who has been affected by Breast Cancer or just want to help continue the fight against it, No Bra Day is an opportunity to help those around you know that the fight is ongoing!

History of No Bra Day
No Bra Day was established to both raise awareness of breast cancer and its prevalence in today’s society, as well as to drive opportunities for fund-raising to help keep the research moving. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lives and have to battle a disease that can, at worst, be lethal. But outside of just its lethality, it also has the possibility of impacting a woman’s view of herself, her ability to breastfeed, and can result in surgeries that include mastectomies. Breasts are of the primary identifiers of what makes a woman, visually, a woman, and having to have them removed in the fight against breast cancer can lead to self-image issues and depression.

So why is it that women everywhere choose not to wear a bra to raise awareness of this horrible disease? Women who have been through a battle with breast cancer often have to wear a prosthesis to hide the fact that they’ve had a breast or breasts removed, and are unable to go without a bra as a result. By spending the day without a bra you can raise awareness and help to prevent other women from having to go through this experience.

How to celebrate No Bra Day
Celebrating No Bra Day is as simple as not wearing a bra, but if you’re in the mood to do more for yourself and others, then there are a number of important options. First off, get yourself to your doctor and schedule a breast exam, catching breast cancer early isn’t difficult, and if you do so you’ll be have a greater chance of coming out of it without so much as a scar. Encourage your friends to do the same, and maybe even take some time to work together to create a fundraiser or support a local agency that’s holding one.
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