NMG to lay workers due to financial difficulties

Main stream media is dead. Most are owned by elite to spread propaganda. Kenyans no longer trust them.
Hapa Kwa kijiji we know everything Pia kuna analysts wanachambua wakipigana sweep muotoh muotoh kakisonga.


I don’t have to. Just give it time.
There are already stories of how journos are being mistreated and laid off then managers appointing their relas or favorite ones.

There was a time NMG would allow such sweeps on their website.
Every story on their website had a feedback option. The comments therein were great and sometimes very inciting.
That was in 2002-2005 before the advent of social media.
The website was extremely popular.

Unfortunately some useless dude changed the anonymous comments section and introduced the concept of registration, where you had to key in all yoir details(name, DOB, Email address and phone number) in order to read a story and make a comment.

Kila Mtu akahepa.

That is where the rain started beating them.


Enzi ya kubuy gazette imeisha. Advertisers afadhali walipe Facebook than nation


Adapt or perish

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Not really, my dad buys Nation every single day. Old school and government types buy newspapers

Come to think of it, githeri media Star News’ website has more traffic than NMG/SG combined


What about SK Macharia , how’s he faring with his viusasa? I think the problem with Africa is low purchasing power coupled with low value proposition ya those products. Like who is going to subscribe to any mharo news site to read about Ndindi Nyoro ama Ichungua ametapika nini leo.
All that gossip is not supremely important. Plus you can glean it after a few minutes on X or tik Tok


Adapt , Diversify , Innovate and Venture …
Or Perish …

My favorite go-to electronics company in days gone by was SONY …

Today they are a shadow of their former self …


@administrator ukianza LAYOFFs anza na huyo mshamba anaitwa @mundu_mulosi

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Unafikiria hapa ni kwa mhindi?


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The fact remains the market has changed people like your Dad and those old school gova types cannot sustain the company for long. They are very few in number. Siku hizi hata kwa kibanda huwezi pata gazeti imewekwa kwa meza ya kastamaa kupitia