NMG- Media Disrupted-Caroline Mutoko

  1. I guess she has matured out of “the men are out to finish us” BS.
  2. If you cant like a who woman talks about things such as this you are probably a below average man. In the bottom half. Not really all about money, but you are in the bottom half in a general rating.
  3. There is nothing better than a woman who thinks beyond herself. For most women, even the old school ones, the world that matters starts at her house and ends at her children-The world exists in her shadow. Its good to hear a woman who has interest in and thinks about-other people-the world, even if with flawed conclusions- to the extent that they will make a video about it-they are a rare gem.
  4. Most women are boring because you get very little from them except about them. Thats why you you never lose your male drinking buddy or simply buddy who you see almost everyday over a lifetime. On the other hand, you always find an excuse not to meet your wife after work or sometimes happy not to see her for a week or two-because she will hit you with “What the house needs, what little brian wants, what their friends want, what she feels, how you treated her, how she wants to be treated, whether she looks good today, what is almost used up, etc-shallow stuff borne out of one inch vision”

English please hiti

Ona hawa. Halafu mnashangaa nikisema siwezi olewa na mkisii. Sigwesi na sigwesi


If she were a man, she would be @Mathaais

who deceived u that Matha is a man

you have given him armory to attack me, toa hio comment, nimekubali makosa

:eek: How did you discover otherwise? Hekaya ikuje mbashta mbashta

On a second thought, what is the problem with that?

i saw them …ahem, him & @gashwin

True …she is aggresive in her own way,bt a woman who gets where she is by mainly shagging prominent married men…I got no respect for the likes of her and Lillian Muli,Cess Mutungi etc
First rule of feminism should be “get our own effing man ,not reaping where you did not sow”

Vaa helmet na utulie. Kuteseka ni kwa muda…

:D:D:D:D Sawa, wamesikia sasa.:D:D:D


Yenyewe kuna mengi sijui. Eti Cess kafanyani?

Kikikikikikiki!! I’m certain the hater was too busy hating to see that fine double entendre…

Spoken the truth.

"what part of keeping your job is your business? "


Spot on. At times she misguides young girls but I like her perspective on this matter.

Not really…those who reach the ‘top’ out of their own ingenuity and hardwork never loose friends but those who step on others toes and f*** any manager live such a life…Gaitho once wrote…we are a nation that praises prostitutes and thieves