NMG- Media Disrupted-Caroline Mutoko

People don’t care what she said, all they are talking about is her attitude this, I hate her …
She had done this video at the height of digital migration wars, she was right


Fck dis bitch…anakuwanga na a great sense of entitlement…look a those fake nails…she is the kind of woman who would rather hire a house help to cook for her husband even on weekends…kazi yake ni kukaa chini…stiff knecked, cake faced make up wearing biatch…ni hayo kwa sasa…

Look at grown ass men discussing a woman instead of the content she is discussing.
For the record, I think she is great but I can’t stand Kiss FM.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]DEAD![/SIZE] Jehova!

Most have boring videos and just copy paste Americans. Nothing original. I tried subscribing to some but could not. Look at even videos on vine done by Kenyans, total crap and lack of originality. They should use that internet to watch porn. I dare you to name me a good channel with great content from those kids. I promise to watch the videos without forming an opinion first then critique when done.

People are at liberty to discuss whatever they want mister grown ass man

love me an opinionated woman
its all the same to me as long as i get to bust deep inside her

It has nothing to do with attitude, convictions or gender, this someone who has been consumed with hatred for men for reasons we can only speculate.

He he…

Especially ebisagane…
On the other hand, ebisagane bigwansa buya…

Ngojea azeeke itafika mahali makeup haitaweza kumsaidia

I may not like her much as a person but i like what she says, its spot on.
I am subscribed to her youtoube channel

I love this mama to bits she does not take prisoners…anyone with a keen eye can see the concept of show is aimed at securing a talk show deal she trying to be the Oprah Gail Winfrey of africa

Nimekosa ile picha ya uncle nyam, I hope this will do


Elodie zone is one I like, for the teens and young adults though

If she was a man, she would be @Mathaais



I like people who go against the grain, who have the convictions to stand up for what they believe in and who tell it like it is. What she says here and elsewhere is spot on.

[SIZE=1]Oh, and yes, I was her fan on radio since her days on Capital FM (late night) and on to Kiss FM’S Big Breakfast with Nyambane.[/SIZE]

Most probably she’s going to be while keyboard worriors continue to hate her.

Were. Ama syllabus ili badilishwa??