NMG- Media Disrupted-Caroline Mutoko


I really hate that mbish


She’s a real pain in the @Bingwa Scrotum. (read a$$).

Her attitude stinks to high heavens.

You see, the higher you go, the cooler it becomes and it’s lonely at the top… People like Carol, generally the elite and their children have such high expectations of other humans coupled with very low tolerance for other people whose personalities don’t click with theirs… That leads them to lose their friends, could be friends and so on. They have very little of the human touch, so what to do? Talk to a camera and that’s why you see most of Youtube content mostly in Kenya is by well to do people and their children… Go figure

Wekerea summary hapa. Siwes waste bundles kwa Caro Matako

this woman is trying so hard to make an empty life worthwhile… she’s been totally wasted by feminism and is now bitter… there’s nothing more fulfilling to a woman than serving her husband and children and in return receiving love and protection from them… i’m sure deep in her heart that’s what she desires… alafu instead of the young girls rejecting her ways they’re emulating her totally unaware of the later consequences

No one could have said it better.

Chloe you be saying my name, say my name all day

But you are lucky; I am into sex dolls today


I think she makes sense. Lot’s of sense.
By the way what’s the fate of Jimmy Geethu and Okinda?

i always ask people who say they hate mutoko this;
what if she was a dude with the same atitude & conbictions,would she still get the negativity directed her way?

She sucks and that’s it

Sasawa boss

She says clearly…
‘my job is not to tell you what you want to hear, but to tell you what you have to hear’.

I don’t hate her because she’s female or something. I hate her because of her bad attitude and lots of negativity. I also hate men who have an attitude problem so it is not really a gender thing

in my community, women are prohibited from shouting infront of CIRCUMCISED men. especially when they are saying nothing substantial.

Meffi ya mhindi. Who gave her this job?

I love bitches who suck

Good for you