NMG is dead


This means that the change of guard is complete. Hadi Gaddo amechujwa? Eff this shite !!!

Who gives a flying or swimming fucck.

The revisit continues at pace. They own no shares and neither were they employees. It was a favour to get a article there but they felt their biased, slewed, half truths and lies was more important. Good riddance to bad trash. I still would buy it.

Lesson to people like kaikai, build bridges during the sunny season. If not you will suffer during the floods. Saa hi loans repayment demands are hurting him.


Githeri media is now truly good for wrapping meat

I guess their contracts were not renewed, hence they hurried to issue the statement in order to save face. It is not like they were writing for free.

People like Kiai who could not write anything new or an intellectually stimulating opinion added no value.

gazetti ni ya kufunga nyama…mliambiwa. Anyway this move will only make the newspaper loose quite a good number of old geezers whose lives depend on such columns like@FieldMarshal

Activities !

George Kegoro - Famous anti-jubilee activist.
Muthoni Wanyeki - Director of George Soro’s Open Society.
Maina Kiai - Famous anti-Jubilee activist.

The rest - Not famous, but also anti-Jubilee activists going by their Twitter feeds.

There is nothing to add. They should drop the title ‘Independent Columnists’ and call themselves ‘Nasa Columnists’

it is suspicious that the statements in their so called columns found their way in supreme court judgement, especially the part read poorly by Mwilu. Statements like, ‘‘what were they hiding’’ etc.
How NMG came to recruit people working for the same organisations to write their columns is a mystery. Their columns had similar message, if you can call it that way.

You are just a foolish sycophant

In their own words, the monopoly of opinion is no longer with the buyer of the ink by the barrel…wapeleke opinion zao na huko. The media space has opened up, why lament about nation?
Each of them negotiated their contract on their own…why are even “senior” lawyers behaving like they now have a trade union for columnists?
Waende kwa George Sorrows wapewe pesa ya gazeti yao!

Gado alichujwa hukooo 2016 kwani mekuwa wapi?

Hao wote ni activists wa Evil society. Wakwende kabisa.

You would think wamenyimwa a chance to open their own company and publish a newspaper like Kenya Times…
This is actually a problem with some people, you want to misbehave but you don’t want to bear the consequences of your foolishness.
What prevented them from being balanced in their opinion? Was the opposition any better? No. Waende wakandike opinions Madagascar

Self entitlement issues. They thought they co own it with Aga Khan.

Gado knows its a death sentence to go back to Tz. If immigration recalls his file to see his work permit issue, he will gain a mountain of stress.

Wajipe shughli!Tangu lini column kuwa published ikakuwa right? Inafikaga place unaona hii civil society iko petulant tu sana. Wakwende! Pseudo-intellectual egotists the lot of them!

These are real men and women of integrity. I always said Maragas nullification showed that there still remains a decent people with a sense of right and wrong. You cant kill everyone and you cant buy everyone.:):):):):):):):slight_smile:

but they do. waki sign contract they were promised non-interference from the media house and protection of their sources. hii ni umefii wa ouru kiraka.

Kwanza huyu jamaa tu nikupluck statistics kutoka kwa hewa na kumake ad hominem statements. Aende akinyota kwani jua itazima akinyimwa column? Ala!

Bunch of ass kissers on this platform.