Nkaissery saved Kenya in 2007

Ati in 2007 Anyang Nyong’o rounded ODM MPs to sign secession declaration. Mj.Gen (rtd) Nkaissery then an ODM Mp stood up and told Anyang to his face that can never be on the table

Conspiracy theories.

Hao Walikuwa Wanareason na emotion, treason is a very serious charge wangekiona

Not a conspiracy. An Mp confirmed this in the morning on live TV


A quick one. Why weren’t we told this so that we celebrate him while he was still alive? Someone would have donated say a bull for an impromptu party in his honour. No?

why bring up such a story when Nkaissery cannot wake up to corroborate?


So you mean an MP from Kajiado had conspired to talk of a seccesion in the event of Nkaiserry’s demise? Be watching TV mate, it is FTA?