@ Nkaisery funeral

Guka said the other day that there is a Colonel Mugambi who he knows who is a very close friend to the late general. At todays funeral the Colonel wascalled and said they had bern friends for 43 years and some of the things guka said of community security.
@FieldMarshal CouchP you are real.

me think @FieldMarshal CouchP = Colonel (Rtd.) Francis Mugambi


Some gay shit, had to stop before he says how he used to blow him. Lol.

Who noticed Jakuon lying through his dentures? Ati when the late was called upon to take up the security docket babuon told him it’s his profession and gave him his blessings. Fortunately, some of us dont have warthog memory coz we remember him whining to high heaven of the govt raiding the opposition. Need i post rinks to support this?

Fool. This is about the General. You must have stumbled on the wrong thread. Raira, Raira, Raira. … Saa zote. Upusss.

Wirro Neffa Efa Efa BP

Some of us don’t give a f**k whether he does or doesn’t. Really pity you if your existence is hinged on it and will change your fortunes. Then kudos to you. Kenyatta is PORK, has it changed your fortunes? Have you ever met him and dined with him? You are probably poorer now than you were in 2013 when he got elected.

Back to the topic at hand - the General.


Jakuon will nefa be president

Immensely my brother

Once patted me on the back and called me by my name. I was astounded i must say. Either way, i know i’d excel in what i do no matter who’s my boss, let alone the president of this country. But UK is a guy who is hard to hate. He means well for this country. UK Tano Tena!

Babuon thinks all of us will swallow all his lies like his bunch of sycophantic followers.

There is clip going round him saying how the General is worse than ole ndengu. Sorry sina hiyo clip talkers saidia mimi na hiyo clip.

Then without any iota of shame creeps into the burial proceedings to say that Nkaissery was excellent in his docket. He wanted to do the mob arrival to the burial, just like he did in Ntimama’s , akaambiwa umama hautakiwi Bisil. Ilibidi ametii

Just how grown ass men get mega orgasm whenever they mention Raia mkuu’s name. Get a life people.

ION huyo Mugambi alikuwa anasema walipendana na Nkaiseery styro gani hio?

mungich apa ni kulia lia tu, rip general fare thee well.


I even told you guys the jamaa runs some pubs and Poravim Supermarket pale LA. I’ve known the dude for the last over 20 years. Very uncouth fellow, you could even tell by the way he was speaking.

I am more real than you think, bro.

An old man who dyes his hair jet black at 72 years to give the impression that he’s still young is not a person to be trusted.
If he’s lying even to himself, what can’t he lie to the Kenyan public.

@Budspencer see why you need to post the links?

I see, but there comes a time when you dont need to waste your time