Njugush is lighting fires with this tweet

The picture says it all :D:D

where are the fires?

Kwani hauoni muoshi imetanda

who is Njugush?

It’s a figure of speech buda

Urge or goad to action, as in If we don’t light a fire under that committee, they’ll neverdo any work . This hyperbolic colloquialism uses lightin the sense of “ignite,” a usage dating from the mid-1100s.

He is a comedian

Ni bwana ya Wa-Kavinye

Sasa tena waKavinye ndio Nani… Njugush namjua from ile college yetu yenye watu huvuta bengi kwa coaches

Kudos to him. It’s a small step but having any prominent person speak against the issues we face should be applauded. For a long time, celebrities and influencers in KE have been admonished for always being neutral when it comes to various issues yet they should be at the forefront since art is or rather should be the mirror of society.
I especially like this exchange

You really crush or try to crush anything that appears to be anti-government.

Very true Mr.4letter

Every comedian, pastor, upcoming artist is trying to appease the men in power for handouts and favors…
This is a step of courage from Njugush. He was not one of the invited comedians by Ruto when he met them pretending to support them…

sasa nime crush nini safari hii? I only asked for the said fire!

Saw those pics of grinning idiots halafu warudi mtaa mguu