Njonjo Destroyed Kenya Through Moi

Njonjo single handedly gave moi the presidency na moi betrayed njonjo by throwing him out into the cold . moi then destroyed this country for 24 years . So swali ni , why did njonjo support moi …of all the okuyu elites why did the white washed , ignorant njonjo support moi ?

Moi created [SIZE=5]BIWOT. [/SIZE]

why did njonjo want moi to be president when other people prefered Oginga Odinga …

Simple , njonjo saw moi to be humble person who could be easily be topped over later and replaced by someone from the hill , but he underestimated the guy. Moi became like what Ruto is today.The njonjo guy akatii. Njonjo even got more scared during 1982 coup attempt by how Moi was so so powerful .

i’m the stupid njonjo regretted underestimating moi …

He did underestimate the guy juu he was always kissing kenyatta’s ass. He would sit in the back of the room until kenyatta calls him to come and sit next to him . Even after kenyatta died , he was hesitant to be a president , alirokotwa hiding in some place under direction of njonjo . But once power got to his head and tasted how sweet it was , he held it tight… for 24 years

Dont underestimate cool people. Lesson learnt

still waters run deep…

and of all the heavyweights during kenyattas presidency , why was moi made deputy president ?

Moi once asked Koigi what people were saying about Njonjo. Koigi told him that Njonjo was the most powerful person in Kenya and if you crossed him you would.be finished. Moi laughed and laughed until tears rolled down his cheeks. Koigi soon found out why.

Even Kimemia and Iringo wanted to operate as they pleased because they helped UK take power.

Kenyatta had to destroy Mboya and Odinga who were the KANU founders and men of influence.

A king must destroy Kingmakers.

Even Ruto destroyed ZK cheruiyot and Isaac Ruto. Power dosent like being shared

the white washed fake white man called njonjo was actually really powerful…

The fact that he was given the name “sir” by ferkn queen of England had everything to do with why he was powerful. Moi angeguza huyu, kenya kwisha. Njonjo went and even married white woman . Moto kali sana huyu

The same can be said about uhuru and ruto, I knew kitaumana when I had ruto refering to uhuru as ‘huyu jamaa’ in public. Lakini todays arrangement is tricky becoz uhuru would not be president without ruto votes and viceversa

Good information Abba

No, Njonjo was never knighted by the queen. The “Sir” before his name is a fake one merely given to him by his cronies. Otherwise, everything else you’ve said on this thread is true. Njonjo thought Moi was weak and that’s why he pushed for him to become President with the plan being to overthrow him later.

That is it my good man @LuandaMagere. In Moi’s government no one was really powerful. He treated them like balloons. He fills you up with power you become so big and then he deflates you with a pin and you are finished.

The only really powerful man in Moi govt was Moi. When state moves to deflates you utakwisha. Go ask Njonjo and Nyachae

Kweli kabisa hapo @Abba ameongeza kachumvi eti gusa Njonjo, Kenya kwisha. Njonjo thought Moi was a malleable passing cloud…