Njanuary thing!

As we come to the end of the Njanuary i have just discovered ;-

  1. Kumbe when you fast you don’t die.
  2. You can actually carry lunch to work.
  3. No boda, No mat, you can also walk to work.
  4. Please call me is a very crucial service.
  5. Meat is very unhealthy for your health.
  6. Jiko, can actually cook good meals.
  7. Actually ukisiaga Mahindi inatoa unga.
  8. Boiled water is much better than Dasani.
  9. You can also eat ugali for breakfast
  10. Ukioga na sabuni ya Kipande, bado utakuwa msafi.

    For Team MAFISI

this is so much BS i had to beat up jaws just to remain sane


:D:D:D No 5 ni ukweli kapsa.