Njamba ya ruriri

China Intelligence Service deny visa to foolish government official, USA immigration deny visa to foolish government official.

Foolish government official find solace accompanying castrated militia warlord.

Maina Njenga has a chance to be President in 2027.

Are you normal? Is your head kicked by donkey?


The next laikipia governor

Any Mungiki adherents or associates deserve total condemnation.
Blood is still in their filthy hands


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The guy from your blood is kind unhealthy, he need health first before clout chasing

What are you yapping about

His head hit by a donkey.

Huyo Mungich umbwaaaa hakuna kitu anaweza niambia. Huyo najua he can’t even satisfy a woman in bed. Rwara Chavez na chrome zilifry makende. Ghasia yeye.

And yet you’ve been in Mungiki sect for as long as we can remember. What happened? You joined Pastor Ng’ang’as church as an Usher now you think you’re too pious?

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