Njagua in another road accident

new battery. who dis?

Why do MPs have body guards in a poor country like Kenya? The equivalent of Congressmen in the US who represent a larger population than Kenya have no bodyguards. Only the Speaker and leaders of the House & Senate are accorded such protection.


Thought they said on NTV that it is a vehicle in his entourage not his vehicle

Heheheheā€¦ Jamaa ametengeneza uncountable millions using this scheme, the stunt men also make loads of cash crashing the vehicles.


Watu hupenda kuskiza kusambaza na kuamini udaku tsk

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[SIZE=6]Vehicle fraud scheme gives insurers sleepless nights[/SIZE]
Others thought to be involved include the police, garage owners and spare part dealers.

A new Range Rover. Insurance firms are losing a lot of money through vehicle fraud. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


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[LIST][li][SIZE=3]Other cars crashed have vital parts removed supporting a lucrative second-hand car spare parts business[/SIZE][/ul][/li][ul][li][SIZE=3]Some firms like Jubilee Insurance have since established a full-fledged forensic fraud investigations unit.[/SIZE][/ul]
Insurance companies are losing billions of shillings every year in a well-coordinated scam involving false claims on high-end vehicles said to have been stolen or written off due to accidents.

The syndicate, which involves motor vehicle owners, assessors and insiders within the insurance companies, operates smoothly leaving no suspicion while minting millions in fraud schemes that have become a big headache to insurers.

Others thought to be involved include the police, garage owners and spare part dealers.

http://www.nation.co.ke/news/New-vehicle-fraud-scheme-hits-insurers/1056-3882926-1ff3fj/index.html [/I]

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system ya majambazi

Kenya ka wewe si mjanja huna lako .