It’s getting worse by the day.


Kila kitu inapanda na 1.50kshs every night …ukienda shop jioni kesho jioni price ni different

To was 45shs last time i checked.tis the whole world. Gosh

Ghasia wakule zile ploti walinunua. Sisi huku mashambani tuko sawa. Kenya is the only country without land policy. Fertile land is converted into steel beam.

Msiba wa kujitakia. Look at the options we have on Aug.


Let’s elect wajakoya

Inflation is a global crisis

Sawa, but first nipatie.

Sasa kayole siku hizi ni mashambani?

Sawa, chukua

This gospel must be spread…asanti sana


On 1st, the current US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted she was ‘wrong’ about inflation.Yellen said she “didn’t fully understand” the risks as consumer prices have lingered at record highs since late 2021.


Same day. CEO of JP Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon warned investors to prepare for an economic “hurricane” as the economy struggles against an unprecedented combination of challenges, including tightening monetary policy and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“That hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way,” the JPMorgan Chase & Co. chief executive officer said at a conference sponsored by AllianceBernstein Holdings Wednesday. “We don’t know if it’s a minor one or Superstorm Sandy. You better brace yourself.”


Ever heard of Overnight Reverse Repurchase Agreements? The REPO market (thanks to the US FED and banks fuckery) is going down again soon with a ripple effect(s) of collosal proportions…