Nixon Korir, Kangogo Bowen out out

habari za hivi punde ndio hizo

Fafanua @gashwin news

Uyu ni ule wa langata?

Hope NASA haitaleta ile ujinga walifanya last time fielding more than six candidates against Nixon korir.

NASA is good as dead.

Are u sure?

What are you guys talking about, the election of Mp Korir has been upheld and the petitioner Omoke ordered to pay ksh12M… meanwhile Duale’s election has also been upheld

sorry, i heard wrong nikaleta kiherehere na huku. poleni.

Kangogo Bowen is in hot soup, he had just joined the convict alfred keter as “rebels” talking bad to President Uhuru despite been granted access to State House to discuss, negotiate and agree on issues. Sasa let’s see how they will do in the by elections in Marakwet against Jubilee wave.

ndiZo hizo. Ahem!

Those fees are hefty. Politicians will have to learn to accept and move on. No more Court cases
I hope the winners send in the auctioneers to collect so that this madness of court cases can end.

I thought ati ameenda, weue.

Aiih, na si huyu ameonewa.
Must be the biggest amount in costs so far.

I’m glad that Nixon’s election was upheld. He is already doing a lot for education in Lang’ata

Currently ni kama hakuna case zingine zinaendelea isipokuwa elections petitions, the fines are hefty

i guess it depends on the region,…if you can check for example ,cases in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret courts attract huge amounts petitioners are supposed to pay,…i suppose its because the law firms involved are the big ones,…kwanza ull see how much Francis Mureithi ataambiwa atoe!

Wewe ni wale mimi huwaita kuma chafu.

poa, ukoo wenu utaheshimika

Totally uncalled for. You were probably brought up badly. Shame!

My rant and accompanying expletives are called for. We are trying to combat fake news and some koobaff decides to shove shit stories down our throats. VSs in KT should do fucking better.