Niwachie coalition

Why can’t Mudavadi Kalonzo Wetangula and Gideon Moi campaign? Why don’t they hit the ground campaigning? Why are they just meeting in hotel and press conferences and begging for Raila and Uhuru to endorse them? Do they think they can really win the Presidency through such antics

There things they know that you and i don’t e.g winning the presidency is not 100% dependant on the electorates votes.

Niwaachie coalition. :smiley: 10 nil

Do you think that those who purportedly decide who becomes president, the so-called deep state, will hand over the presidency to every other joker who declares himself a candidate?

Why did Ruto and Uhuru have to campaign in 2013 and 2017 if the deep state is that powerful? Why use millions of dollars on Cambridge Analytica?

We all thought Francis Kimemia was a powerful man, back then, but today we know the truth. Hakuna deep state.

If Mama Ngina, a dollar billionaire, feels her interests may be facing some threats, and wants protection, will she rely on OKA weaklings who cannot stand on their own?

That is their strategy

Those are just flower girls

As long as you are blind to the fact that every election since 2007 has been rigged then all these are just unsolicited opinions.

Typical Kipiii njaruo opinion. Every election that Raila does not win is rigged. Thinking with 6.8kg foreskin. I bet mpaka ulienda maandamano ukang’oa reli.

Why did they have to use force of arms in 2007 if they had rigged it?

The stability of a state must be maintained by all means. In 2007, the government had intelligence of the expected outcome of the general election. They knew Raila was winning but he couldn’t be allowed to .rule with his polarising socio-economic agenda (41-1, ethnic bulkanization etc). However, there was a price to pay which included but not limited to:

  1. Announcing false results and swearing in the PNU candidate at night.
  2. Post election violence where a few people would lose their lives and property.
  3. Shooting a few opposition supporters to quell the violence.
  4. Bending democracy to form a coalition government.

Sasa leo kuna shida. Izo points nne umesema, haziwezekani leo. So mjipange vizuri.

We are not presenting a candidate this time round.

No matter how hard a dog is kicked…it can still be kicked again.

Wacha matusi mbwa hii