Guys, how come this “nitakufinya” thing has become so popular now that I wonder how come it’s trending saa hizi even though I saw that video clip doing rounds on WhatsApp last year.
Ama k24 wameeka aromat?

Ni kama yule jamaa wa githeri, aka “Githeri man”.
He had been eating githeri all his life…
Why did he become “popular” at that point in time?

Mpaka watu wa Kplc wameenda kukata stima kwa kijiji
Huyo Snitch atafinywo!

Ata firirida ili-trend 36 good years after being released. Amadioha works in mysterious ways.


Hii video tuliona one year ago pale kijiji ya draiva wa turela @Meria Mata . Saa hii ndio mnaiona.

Is it one year really, must be about 10yrs at least

Ako Nyuma kama mfuko ya jeans

Kenyans have embraced meme culture. And memes often have very unpredictable trends. Sometimes new ones flop almost immediately, sometimes old ones become popular again overnight. It’s just a funny comment we can all relate to.

Na ile ya kufinywa mkono?:smiley:

Kenyans are highly excitable.