Nitakufinya duo lands 2 MILLION DEAL

Kimchezo Mchezo Tu… ‘’Nitakufinya duo’’ Lands Big Endorsement Deal

I will tell you for free… jahazi flour should have used the 2 million to improve on their milling

That unga cannot compete… hata branding ni so poor …stupid shade of yellow and blue on that wheat flour

We are a vain society.

hii kenya leo ukikunia katikati ya mombasa road, kesho utakua kwa bonga na jalas na kesho kutwa odi bet wanakuchukua kama ambassador wao. it baffles me how we entertain mediocre

You can gauge the level of intelligence of a society by the things that make its members laugh

Then leverage it to run for MCA

someone is being celebrated for threatening another person on live television…

on live television …on

Mungu hslali

on live television …on

Wacha wivu warya, pesa si yako, wacha watumie vile wanataka

just passing some market feedback to the kitui floor mills guys… free feedback

Niliuliza kama hizo gifts ni real in another thread. 2M for what? A crappy video?

Stop seeing a failed advert, see two guys nukishaing kitunguu. Whether it will be sustainable kitunguu or not, at least watakula mzuri for some time. Hakuna mtu huchukia za bwerere

Worry not, at least majamaa wamepata kakitu hata kama ni 10k

boy, i made no observation about whether the gifting was right or not

I just pointed out that they need to work on their milling and branding.

Are you this dense or just tripping

You folks don’t understand the power of branding. Businesses have a marketing department for a reason

Retarded country !! rewarding a thug

That unga is packed like cement.

Who are these people saidieni fossil naona ikitrend sana