Nitajua ubonobo imeisha Africa the day just one African country will launch this


This is beyond our realms. If we can’t manage a simple grain inventory at NCPB ni kutengeneza rocket na satellites. We are bushmen with very different jungle ROM inside our heads, will take centuries to upgrade that software.

By the time a bonobo lands on the moon, Hwite men will have made it to Andromeda

When you read about the tower of Babel that is the time whiteman started thinking about rockets. That tower was meant to be a launch pad like the one in Florida or Houston. Njungus are descendants of fallen angels. They are evil but are centuries ahead technologically

True, however fallen angels is what they were described as in biblical times when in reality they are descended from ancient alien astronauts that crash landed on earth. The Tower of Babel was meant to be a launchpad that would return them to their home planet in the Alpha Centauri A star system, 4.37 light years away from earth.

Hii kitu si ngumu…just a little bit of disposable income will allow passionate people to conduct experiments and start projects that will finish decades after they die.
Just some proper government investment, and an expanded education system and we are set.

I saw how fujitsu in japan turned some of their defunct warehouse and plants into million $$ agricultural farms and was impressed. When I hit 60 in about a decade, I plan to launch a similar project led by machine learning and automation with simple software and cheap computer hardware like the raspberry pie. That project will be a cash cow. If a 50 yr old man like me is planning to revolutionise an industry in approx a decade what can a 20yr or 30yr man do. Just invest in him and you’ll see wonders.

A bonobo or a low IQ nigglet might not appreciate the significance of the Chinese satellite navigation system. You’ll hear them say “what’s the big deal, the Americans have the GPS and we use it”
What they don’t know is that the Americans can shut you off or make your coordinates inaccurate.
Navigation is such a core need that it cannot be left at the mercy of foreign powers.
Africans are very bad at planning and anticipating future scenarios.

Eu went through alot just to setup the Galileo system. Very important

They are launching for the sake of their military. They want all their guided munitions and missiles to arrive at the right place. Hehehe… War is afoot. Navigation kwa simu is an additional feature to please the civilians and maybe keep tabs on their movements. But this Navigation is for war.

The low IQ problem of africans is clear in this thread… Literally you can go to America and see african engineers from places such as Nigeria involved in these projects of building space satelites. The only difference is that their intelligence is more appriciated in U.S.A than in a failed state like Nigeria led by low IQ leaders. Even a backward nation such as Pakistan was building nuclear weapons in the 1970s, they did it by specialising on their best people which Africans can do but fail because of lack of organisation on everything.

its that lack of organization and that lack of appreciation that is termed as ‘ubonobo’, the fact that an african chooses to go develop another land is ‘ubonobo’ in itself, the lack of patience and a need for instant gratification is what is ‘ubonobo’ - stick home and develop home, it will take some sacrifice, it will take time, but the future generation will appreciate it, lakini kukimbia abroad and claim that you have brains that are not appreciated home is weird and does not make on intelligent, its the opposite.

the trip back home is well on course with the developments of Space X.
so one day the other races will be left behind to do as they please with the earth.
hopefully, when they live, hey won’t destroy/nuke planet Earth.

I also agree with this.

I don’t agree that lack of patience is the issue. You have no idea how many genius and practical ideas dwell within our young people. Lakini kijana anapiga hesabu, idea na dreams will not pay his bills, so instead ana make due with whatever job he gets.

What is lacking is incubation for these ideas. A program where the kijana anakuwa sorted bills and is provided with all resources he needs to actualize his idea. We all know about science congress competitions in high schools. After the competition , what happens to these brilliant ideas? Si ni trophy tu. Why the gov doesn’t incubate these ideas is baffling.