Nissan Xtrail Fuel Consumption

I purchased a 2002 Nissan Xtrail recently and the fuel consumption used to average 12km/l but of late the fule consumption has spiked. What may be the reasons for the spike other than spark plugs? The vehicle is only used for town drive and its always on 2wd or auto.The engine light has not indicated anything peculiar as yet.

Check Plugs, air filter, tire pressure or you or someone has a heavy foot.


Yes tire pressure and i didn’t stutter.

Rolling resistance.

Conduct a simple cylinder test. Washa gari then remove and replace each ignition coil at a time. Gari inafaa kufanya ni kama inazima with every removal. Ile haifanyi hivyo is the one misfiring. Most likely, you have a case of a misfiring cylinder. Noma kwa fuel consumption. Another thing to check ni air filter. kama ni chafu fuel consumption inaeza kuwa juu. Good luck and report back what you find out.

zote ziko shwari, issue ya heavy foot haiko applicable cz have given a couple of my boys the moti and bado wanazusha juu ya the same issue

fafanua hii mambo

hio story ya cylinder can I do it myself am a lazma mech?

tire pressure iko shwari, I fueled thao kwenda rongai and iliwasha taa nkiwa sijafika kiss 50 from ronga

Keti pale watu wa discuss magari…

If you you can access the coil packs unaeza jifanyia mwenyewe but if not confident enough, get a trustworthy mechanic mwenye hataanza kukubeba ufala. Tell him to check if all cylinders are firing.

Kwani ni ndege?

Driving conditions? If you are stuck in traffic a lot it is due to consume more. Unatumia V Power by any chance?

:D:D:D:Dkuna mtu ametusiwo

V power INA nini mblo?

By the way the v power thing explain further please.

situmii v power