Nissan Serena is Bullshiet

For some time, I have been thinking of acquiring a 7-seater. You all know I have a big family. So after a lot of “research” on OLX, I thought that a Nissan Serena is the best choice for a family as big as mine. fairly (sorry, lowly ) priced, spacious, beautiful, etc. I picked one that was going for 1.18m, rang the seller who is based at Pangani, and we met yesterday. A very clean van, a nice screen, powerful music, very comfortable, just the way I wanted it. It even had revolving seats!

Wacha nishike gari for test drive. We agreed to go from Pangani to Roasters and back. That vehicle is as lazy as it can get. Hitting 100 takes ages, even on that Muthaiga drift. Kupanda hapo ilikua 60. I just cant live with such a vehicle, especially considering that my business takes me far and wide, mainly to the hilly parts of this country. I thought it could be an issue with that specific vehicle rather than the model, so I went to the net for reviews. Auto Express once named the Serena as the slowest passenger car in the benchmark 0-60 mph. It has also earned several other awards as the slowest accelerating car. In short, reke nemwo.

Sasa, am left with
[li]Noah/Voxy- too common. Ugly too.[/li][li]Alphard- Too expensive[/li][li]Elgrand- Too huge[/li][li]Premacy- A Mazda???[/li][/ol]
Saidieni kuchagua 7-seater mzoori.


Hakuna mercedes :oops: :D…


Uko na Mercedes wewe mwenyewe?

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I’d say go for the Mazda premacy, it’s a compact 7 seater and fairly priced too.

Bado aki niombee nipate soonest…na una derial btw

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Hapanana tambua peasant family vans.Mimi nanunulia future wife hii na sisumbui


I like the Elgrand. Good speed, comfy. Lakini wewe, hapa Voxy pekee ndio ya biashara. Elgrand ni ya roadtrips with your brood.

Na watu waache kufunguliwa boot

Amesema Alphard ni too expensive na bado unamwekea Mercedes. Nowornder ile siku Gio alipost Mercedes fake ukaisha


Noah/Voxy kill

@Purr_27 hujaambiwa poa

Hehehehe, gari ya biashara deer.

Any experience with it?

Good for you. Lakini sitaki lorry.

Elgrand is too masculine.
I carry very light luggage, lighter than passengers.

Toyota Vellfire[ATTACH=full]49924[/ATTACH]


Si umesema unabeba familia? Plus si already uko na gari ama unauza ndio hii ikuwe replacement?

Honda Stream?

Honda Stream RSZ

Too expensive for a peasant.

I want a dual-purpose. My car is a small one, not enough for the family. The other is an old pickup, which I want to dispose and replace with a van.


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Here you don’t have a choice according to your parameters and cost. Nunua tu Noah from year 2010 with good extras and you are sorted.

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It is…squezzed 7 seater.

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