Nissan patrol vs Toyota Landcruiser

After experiencing the power and luxury of the patrol, I can confidently say Toyota only knows how to market itself better. Nothing else.

I concur 100%

Patrol ni nzito. Nissan have themselves to blame for a shit name. But don’t pee on the landcruiser. It does what it promises to do and then some. Though at that price point, kama unatafuta luxury, neither of these should be on your list.

Land cruiser is the preferred vehicle for terrorists

Toyota is over priced i prefer pajero over prado

Land cruiser 100 mwisho.

Somewhat true in Kenya for market reasons.
But worldwide Toyota have built a solid reputation for reliability and durability over the years. Can’t blame them for cashing in on a solid reputation.

All data is from US Market*

Full-sized utilities account for half of the 14 longest-lasting cars – those most likely to pass 200,000 miles – according to auto research site

Analysis of 13.8 million car sales in 2018 revealed the Toyota Sequoia to be the longest-lasting vehicle of all, joined by six others in its class from Chevrolet, GMC, Ford and Lincoln.

With the midsize Toyota Highlander Hybrid and Toyota 4Runner also on the list, the long-running credentials of SUVs appear even stronger. But while the utility segment dominates, there are other options.

The longest-lasting car is the Toyota Avalon sedan, while the Honda Odyssey minivan represents the out-and-out family hauler. There are three pickups also; the Honda Ridgeline and Toyota’s Tacoma and Tundra.

These are the longest-lasting vehicles, with the percentage of models exceeding 200,000 miles.

Longest-lasting vehicles

[li]Toyota Sequoia, 7.4 percent[/li][li]Chevrolet Suburban, 5.0 percent[/li][li]Ford Expedition, 5.0 percent[/li][li]GMC Yukon XL, 4.0 percent[/li][li]Toyota 4Runner, 3.9 percent[/li][li]Chevrolet Tahoe, 3.8 percent[/li][li]Toyota Highlander Hybrid, 3.1 percent[/li][li]Honda Ridgeline, 3.0 percent[/li][li]GMC Yukon, 2.8 percent[/li][li]Toyota Tacoma, 2.6 percent[/li][li]Toyota Tundra, 2.6 percent[/li][li]Toyota Avalon, 2.5 percent[/li][li]Honda Odyssey, 2.5 percent[/li][li]Lincoln Navigator, 2.2 percent[/li][/ol]

All-model average: 0.8 percent

Here’s a fuller picture of the longest-running SUVs, with the addition of six other durable models that didn’t make the overall list.

Longest-lasting SUVs

[li]Toyota Sequoia, 7.4 percent[/li][li]Chevrolet Suburban, 5.0 percent[/li][li]Ford Expedition, 5.0 percent[/li][li]GMC Yukon XL, 4.0 percent[/li][li]Toyota 4Runner, 3.9 percent[/li][li]Chevrolet Tahoe, 3.8 percent[/li][li]Toyota Highlander Hybrid 3.1 percent[/li][li]GMC Yukon, 2.8 percent[/li][li]Lincoln Navigator, 2.2 percent[/li][li]Honda Pilot, 1.9 percent[/li][li]Dodge Durango, 1.5 percent[/li][li]Cadillac Escalade 1.5 percent[/li][li]Acura MDX, 1.4 percent[/li][li]Toyota Highlander, 1.4 percent[/li][li]Cadillac Escalade ESV, 1.3 percent[/li][/ol]

All-SUV average: 0.9 percent

If a passenger car is more to your needs, or you’re more interested in brand performance, following are the longest-lasting vehicles and the percentage of models reaching 200K in those categories.

The top 10 cars, with SUVs and pickups excluded, are dominated by Japanese automakers. Domestic nameplates Chevrolet and Ford take two places.

American automakers fare better by brand, however. Nameplates under the wing of Detroit’s Big Three; General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ford, claim nine of the 15 longest-lasting car brands.

Longest-lasting passenger cars

[li]Toyota Avalon, 2.5[/li][li]Honda Odyssey, 2.5[/li][li]Honda Accord, 1.9[/li][li]Toyota Sienna, 1.8[/li][li]Toyota Prius, 1.7[/li][li]Chevrolet Impala, 1.7[/li][li]Ford Taurus, 1.6[/li][li]Toyota Camry, 1.4[/li][li]Toyota Camry Hybrid, 1.2[/li][li]Honda Civic, 1.2[/li][/ol]

All-passenger-car average: 0.6

Longest-lasting vehicles by brand

[li]Toyota, 1.7[/li][li]Honda 1.5[/li][li]GMC, 1.4[/li][li]Chevrolet, 1.2[/li][li]Ram, 1.1[/li][li]Ford, 1.0[/li][li]Acura, 0.6[/li][li]Subaru, 0.6[/li][li]Dodge, 0.6[/li][li]Cadillac, 0.5[/li][li]Volvo, 0.5[/li][li]Jeep, 0.5[/li][li]Chrysler, 0.5[/li][li]Nissan, 0.5[/li][li]Lincoln, 0.4[/li][/ol]

All-model average: 0.8

Enda hiyo Garage ya Pajeros Nairobi west, near Mvuli house uone grown men crying juu ya bei ya spareparts ndio utajua Pajeros are nonsense.

Glad you’ve discovered that distinction. Patrol any day.

Patrol. And the funny thing is that when new, patrol costs far less than Prados

Best ever built… Subsequent Models are just plastic …:smiley:

I have seen many Pajeros on the roads compared to Prados. What is the catch?

Largely irrelevant. USDM are different from any other planet, even trims, driving aids, handling, build quality. Name it. But Ukiweka GMCs, Acuras, Dodges, Chevys? How does this compare with JDM (call it KDM if you want)?

Angalia plates, majority of pajeros are KAEs to KBZ, magari mzee the owners are not willing to let go juu hawana pesa ya kununua Prado. No one with a sane mind can dare import a pajero sahii.

@Stanmwa I agree, but couldn’t find other statistics to post.
I’d still bet on Toyota to lead in those categories in most markets.
If you have other statistics from other markets, feel free to share.

Kwani why not import a Pajero?

I think i have seen newer ones. Will look at plates and see. Someone said hio Pajero is old design. Most manufacturers have moved to new technology. The 4wd system especially. So the guy on YouTube was saying that the Pajero is good since it has old tech that enthusiasts liked but car companies ditched.

nani anauza patrol hapa ni nunue

Toyos have a solid reliability for reliability and basically that’s what they market. If you want luxury plus reliability get the Lexus which is a luxury car division of Toyota of course by paying more.
Nissan also used to build solid cars until they partnered with French auto maker Renault under Carlos Ghosn and began cutting corners in the name of cost cutting affecting reliability. Under a new management they are trying to regain their lost glory.