Nissan March 2012 For Sale.

Juzi tu while @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii was dissing Nissan March I felt really offended bana. I read the post while I was patiently waiting for a negro to show up so that I can help him out of his current financial crisis by giving him a job as an Uber driver. All he had to do was give me 1k a day until the 8pm curfew is raised then we review it to around 1500 when the drunken master lifts the curfew.

   Two days down the line he sends me a message late at night with a measly excuse about NTSA chieth blah blah and says he did not work that day...I can clearly see the car had done enough rounds that day but I'm cool..I know ni story tu but I tell him to bring the car over (very politely) we see the way forward. 

The next day this garagaria leaves the car in my local carwash and takes off. I call him and he says he has left it there he will come back later. At this point I’m sure something is off.I panic. So mimi mbio I call another driver to pick it up for me so that we can inspect it.
And lo and behold ! :mad::mad::mad:
One wheel cap is missing and I have no idea what kind of road this dude was driving on because that tyre has stones embedded on it.
The spare tyre is GONE ! Who the hell steals a doughnut ?
I am done dealing with you Nairobbery people. I have a horrible habit of seeing good in everyone.
The vehicle is on sale now if anyone is interested.

( As you can see ,the mileage is slightly above mine but I’m sure it will make a good wife. :slight_smile: )

Vidole ni za nini madam? Bila full body thermal?

So how much is your mileage? Asking price for the car?

Clearly you don’t know about the quadrijoint Batallion. Ask the Elders.

Mmmm 580k is cool ( slightly neg.)

Hiyo gari imeruka mawe kama tractor. Wheelcap was probably damaged beyond repair when that Tire hit a pothole/ stone. Labda ulimyanyasa.

Lol, pole. I had a similar car story that I posted here in 2019 and was just looking to get rid of the car. I only managed to sell it last year. You need a very good car dealer to help you sell it. Mine took a while to sell, but I finally sold it.

Due diligence ni muhimu. Don’t ever hand your vehicle over to a stranger unattended, a lot of sketchy folks out here.

If you’d like to sell it quick, print a paper containing the selling price + your contact details and attach it to the rear windshield (Make sure you write ‘NEGOTIABLE’ in bold caps). Advertising on any social media where you’re active is wise. You could also get influencers to advertise for you on their pages.

Shit…no I didn’t nyanyasa him. I hired him on Wednesday afternoon. And the deal was very fair.

Thanks love.
Sorry for your ordeal too. Nitakuja inbox for contacts for your car dealer if you don’t mind.

I see a hint of some succulent thighs. Utafanya birrionaires wanunue gari ata kama hawakuwa na haja nayo. Hata wale wa “I only do German masins” watanunulia mboch ama gateman gari ndio wapate opposhunete ya kukagua foondamentos :D:D
ION, hii Kenya ni funny sana. On the one hand, you hear people crying all over about being jobless, then when you decide to employ, 80% of the people you engage will disappoint. The mediocrity is on another level. And it’s not about how you treat them. Kenya has to have the most entitled job seekers in the world. Washienzi sana.

Thanks WigSplitta.
( How did you come up with this name ? Heheh )

A WIG SPLITTA is an individual who twangas people (Excluding children, women & senior citizens).

Meanwhile, do you accept trade-ins? @Pomegranates has a tuk tuk which he’s been using to commute for the past 15 years. Maybe he would like to upgrade.

:smiley: I have already declared my mileage is almost par to that car to avoid ‘disappointment.’

It’s true.Kenyans are on another level the guy even blocked me after saying I should look on the bright side the car didn’t cross the border.
I’m still in shock.
I’m really tempted to make his life miserable.

Haiya! I had to google that and well…I learn something new everyday.

Hii kisirani yenu mtawacha lini ? I told you two to bring your wives to me tukingoja mmalize hii vita.

I have no problem with @Pomegranate , much as he is a stupid boy. Anyway, let’s see if he is willing to trade in his yellow tuk tuk.

@Pomegranates njoo hapa night runner. A very clean hatchback awaits your neanderthal buttocks.

Mkiambiwa Uber sio biashara ya investor hamsikii. If you cared to read this thread you wouldn’t have entered that shitty business.

Ukipata 1k per day na spares, insurance, wear and tear, etc ni zako, unabaki na nini?? If you are hurting for cash and you have the car, heri kuuza kuliko kupatia ghasia ya uber. Too bad you had to pay for that lesson first.

Nunulia your darling @Violete , you illiterate bogi benda

Hiyo chukua 350k na ni test drive both of you

Hio ya mileage ni kali :smiley: some uber drivers are drunkards and bitter