Nissan B12 v/s Peugeot 405

A friend of mine is in need of some wheels just to move around and facilitate his business he’s torn between those 2 models with a tight budget of 150k. Anyone who has had a personal experience with either of these 2, what are their pros and cons ,also in terms of fuel consumption and servicing which one is a better option currently both of them are functioning and in good condition.

For such an old car and tight budget, he is safer with a Japanese model.

Simba ya barabara ikiwa mzee itamuonyesha mfuko moto akuwe kipara. Aendee a Japanese car. Hakuna Toyota na hiyo bei anawezachukua?

The B12 is a good call.
Easier to restore and upgrade at a fraction of the cost the 405 would cost him.

He should go for neither unless he’s got another 150K stashed somewhere for maintenance because old B12s and Peugeots are notorious for breaking down… unless yeye ni kinsman wa makanika milevi @introvert

Restoration is no joke.
Ngoja achapwe na bill Ya steering rack na stabilizer bars…

Ataona heri angenunua bajaj.

Soon I’ll post pics of a work in progress E30 Ya M20 I salvgaed at Diani.

swap guru… What upgrade would a b12 smile from ear to ear?

If you can get the rare SR16VE engine you’re sorted.
This one puts out almost 200bhp so a braking system upgrade is a must too.
Alternatively the QG15 out of a Nissan B15 will be more than decent enough too.

huyu jamaa anione kando na akuje na thermos ya chai na mandazi tukae chini ya mti nimpee story ya nissan

Sharing is caring brother tupe information pia mwingine anaeza saidika

well contrary to what kenyan say about a nissan its a very nice car. i have owned one (b15 2002model) though there are things one should always note
.always and i insist always service the car.
.always use nissan genuine spare parts which actually are not so expensive just a slight 1000bob or so over the fake part but genuine parts last for so long
.nissan dont last long under the hands of probox drivers who missuses cars. ati unapata salon car imebeba ngamia kwa boot! but if ur a good driver who loves and take care of your car then Nissan will serve you.
.when u buy it i advice you do an over whole of the suspensions,bushes,stearing racks and transmission fluids.
basically in your thick head just know that you are buying an old car so for it to serve you good make sure on top of hio 150k yako ongeza another 100k for full makeover of the car ndio ikusaidie. and if you get one that is being advertised ati “owned by a lady” be ready for a headache. i learnt that the hard way. kumbe ladies huangalia gari juu .as long as haina dent na ni safi anajiambia iko sawa kumbe suspensions haina,engine na gear box hawezi change oil, plugs hata hajui hizo ni nini!!! yeye as long as inaenda ako sawa kumbe saa hio ndani ni mkebe. hio mawaidha yote kuhusu nissan imekutosha . ukiona huwezani go buy avocados with that 150k uwe unateleza nazo hadi unafika kwenye unaenda.

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