Nisiitwe NV tena

Niskie Fala inaniita NV tena
1.Ni vile sipendi ujinga Ndio maana Mimi bado Ni nv
2.Mimi Ni mzee sana Ata kuliko hiyo sperm ilikuzaa so ukiniita NV jua ivo
3.NV pia Ni villager so tupeane heshima

You are a New Villaget and your penis is small.



Just accept your condition NV,as your penis grows,it will develop errection hormones and soon you will come to realize every hole is unique n has its own sweetness…

NV wewe and I’ll let you know you acting like a bitch. And your pussy is way to dry to be riding our dicks(by our read s.v’s and v.e’s):mad::mad:

Una Dick ama Putthiii???

NV keti pale na wenzako. Wacha kusumbua

@Doltress chezesha NV paleeee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

The latter…you want to come trib mine?

Sasa bingwa!

You sound Like a bitch, Ata kaa una dick Ni Pimple tu…


Yup! And I call yo paps daddy!

You sound Like a bitch, Ata kaa una dick Ni Pimple tu…

Changamkeni ,ama kijiji ihamie Telegram,…Peace guys

Let’s Bibi/dame yako a confirm My dick is small…

NV enda uwashe nduthi urudi asubuhi ukiwa fresh

Rite of passage… kwani wewe ni Vladimir Putin??? Wacha ujinga na…[ATTACH=full]62095[/ATTACH]

Soma description kwanza, Siwezi kalia labda Ukalie Middle Finger

Monologue reloaded. some pple hiding behind these Handles are really suffering big. not with midlife crises but other psychological turmoils