Nisaidiwe priss...Is my girlfriend a lesbian

It all started some time back when my gal moved out of campus to live on her own.Since the rent was a bit high to pay by herself,she got herself a roommate.
I used to visit her once in a while,never really spent a night over at her place though - we used to hook up mostly at my place.
Now i have started noticing that she posts a lot of photos taken together with her roommate in suggestive poses na some comments like my other half etc…
Well,our sexlife is good i cant complain…but am getting a bit worried on how close she is to her roommate

NV, as you will learn here, kufuga kunguru ni ngumu sana. malaya wako ni mgani hapo?

It’s nice to dream

I thought there was a shisha ban?

Id say it’s a gift. Eat both of them. Tembeza tarimbo kwa kwa Shimo zote apana lalamika hapa


Nope…she is bisexual

Ktalk CSI hawalali ng’o [ATTACH]162396[/ATTACH][ATTACH]162396[/ATTACH][ATTACH]162396[/ATTACH]

And just like that :Thread closed

Issa “one minute” thread

yo the chic in the pic si ni Vanessa Cheruto. She’s preggos ata. washa nduthi bila kusumbua. MEFFI!!!

gurumisha bajaj na uache kusumbua kijiji

You have a small dick.



CSI hahaha enyewe ktalkers hawapendi ujinga

Ronan the Accuser => Dark Debe Pap!

:D:D:D:D 123 I would hate to cross your path. You are dangerous. Si the other day you exposed a poster going for ‘lunch’. You are just horrible.

Apana sumbua elders hapa na vitu zimenaswa kwenye matandao. Umbwa takataka ghasia hii.

unatombewa kunguru na kunguru ingine? my fren,hata holy water haitakusadia