Nisaidieni na ngeli...Asande.

There is this chic she came over to my mancave accompanying her girlfriend.She is the partying and smoking type.we spent a night together.Drank listened to music and later dryhumped.I took her ig handle the same night.So the next morning i was almost a stranger to her.Could be PNC or i never performed even a mere caressing.We had breakfast and she left.Since then i only said hi once cuz we both cheated each other that we were in 2nd yr in campus only to find ourselves in the same class,same course.It was super awkward.She bought a phone juzi and am planning to text her.Problem is i have been lengaring her although she said hi the last time we met.Hana maringo but she might be judgemental.Oh shes tall and skinny…i bet this may lower her ego abit. how do i text her and hit it off like we known each other.Any excuse that she can fall for vile i have been ignored her for long despite being in the same class?graphical illustrations and real life proverbs are also welcomed.

ati mnasomea wapi? kajinga village poly? lying requires a bit of logic NV…

fafanua mkubwa


you were not schooling with her when she visited with her girlfriend so you had to lie to each other?

First of all, accept this fact with your soul, mind and body too:
That while you’re here seeking help on what you should say to a tobacco/Maryjane addicted girl that just left High school, any man(and I mean ANY MAN), can with no struggle, dryfry her…

Also, accept it that, you’re slow, and that, several other men who met her recently, after you, will have laid her, before you can realize how cheap she is to be the centre of your thinking.

Now give us some hekaya on the sleepless nights you’ve had from your smoker.

kwani high school zimerudi half term already

Drank listened to music and later dryhumped.
Could be PNC or i never performed even a mere caressing.

Again…“Could be PNC”???


at least i never noticed her thumbnail in my class.Possibilities are that she was in 1.2 and got discontinued so she came back to 1.1 or she hadnot been attending them lectures.But the later seems more believable.I remember the same night she mentioned several people in 2nd year so i guess alianza tena 1.1.

Well.i cum that night.Lets call it POC.

People of color? hebu weka in full!!


Jeez!! Are KCrs back?

Some of these threads can give someone a migraine.

wakanda thread is this??

Hajui difference ya dry humping na dry fry…ama tumezeeka:D

Nv anadream kufuga kunguru, good luck


:D:D:D Tumezeeka bro! Apewe “K-talk Lexicon” na CSI.