Ruto is traversing kenya without encountering any hostile ground, where else matiangi is embarrassed in kibicho’s own village.

Ruto is getting privileged intelligence not available to Uhuru.

Dream on

Reality baba


How did he miss out on the BBI report ?

Game bado changa. The real BBI will be drafted by the committee of experts, thts the time you will know who is Arror

By then he will be in kamiti.

Take him there now. What are you afraid of? You have the goodwill, the state machinery, the dpp is your puppet, njoki ndungu mko naye supreme court. Mbona mnaogopa?

i just pity the people who are not hostile to ruto coz he rides in a billion shillings chopper and they support him without caring where the chopper came from …


Huna akili wewe. Kibwezi mp owns several choppers. Alitoa wapi na kibwezi hakuna kisima ya mafuta? Do you know how many choppers sleep and wake up at Wilson Airport? Ni za Ruto?

Ruto, a man who resolves what to do and does what he resolves, is fighting against dollar billionaires. The war to liberate kenyans needs resources, heavy financial resources. We are ready to excuse Ruto, he must acquire the necessary resources in whichever way he deems fit, to dislodge Moi and Uhuru from our politics and economy

itumbi nyamaza…