Any news on NIS shortlisted candidates intake 2021?

Nobody knows !!!
Its a state secret

Takataka, peleka ujinga huko

Interviews zimekua zinaendelea tangu Monday hadi Jana Friday. Ni mapema kuulizia kuhusu results.

Are you sure ?

Usiniulize maswali kama io

Tumia akili. How can a spy agency shortlist candidates? They contact you privately. If you have not been contacted then you didn’t make the cut. And it looks like that was for the best. Obviously you are not too bright.

They do internal shortlisting. I mean how do they even contact you privately without shortlisting?

@sani wacha fake news

If they do internal shortlisting then you’re not going to find out about it from external sources.

Kuuliza tu mkubwa. Maisha kenya sio rahisi

Mimi sina ubaya. I’m just being rough on you so you can accept your fate mapema. This is Kenya bro. You know in your heart such places don’t employ ordinary raia. Set your sights elsewhere. Hizo kazi ziko na wenyewe.

To some extent, NIS is fair when recruiting.

Huwa ni ya relatives wa senior military officers and political bigwigs

in our time recruitment for a variety of institutions was done in schools, before exams. Military, Police, Oil companies, Seminaries, Banks etc would have their visiting days posted on notice boards, anyone interested would be asked to report to such and such a room or field on such a day and time. Even before results are posted, you would know what you want to be.

Sierra Bravo was much fairer before the kalenjin mafia destroyed Its reputation.

Confirm kwa mtu mwengine mwenye ako NIS, i never post fake news.

Ni kama wewe si cool kid, otherwise haungekuwa unauliza hilo swali.