NIS recruiting 3000 Ex NYS .

NIS is recruiting 3,000 exNYS servicemen/women aged between 40-45 years…

Im glad the recruitment is not a secret, its time we give every deserving citizen a chance to serve this great country.

I hope they will review the age downwards in their subsequent recruitments.

3,000 old men for what purpose?
The last time 3,000 Kenyans were recruited for Somalia mission they went AWOL


maybe this time they will be doing sentry duties at their installations , light duties etc…

we should be glad 3,000 Kenyans will at least gain meanful employment ,


where did you get this information?

The total number of NIS staff is less than 3, 000. Why should they recruit 3, 000 at a go

I don’t want to say you are stupid but do you think Intel gathering is an odi dance competition?

Peleka hii thread huku muharo kama hauna link

iko kwa

iko kwa the standard front page

Hehe ama wacha tu. @Shegaj trust me if they need you they’ll be on your path before u know it.

Bad move. Why on earth would an intelligence organization source manpower from NYS?? Even worse, 40-45 years?? NIS bosses have lost their minds.

maybe 10 years from now, I got a nice job that I love.

Tumesema mara ngapi githeri media isn’t a trusted source of information. They just want a headline to sell that meat wrapper.

Hehehe, nothing of the sort

Maybe drivers, mechanics, etc.

Lete wrink shens

Kuna radio message circulating kwa Fb na WhatsApp, its real , from Nys deputy director …anyway , I’m using an old phone imekataa kuupload…
this thing has been in public domain for nearly a week, I’m surprised you guys didn’t see it, am a mnalenga tu…check out the starndard na pia the star ya Jan ah juzi

check out this link , an NYS kid has posted it , public domain.