My pedestrian analysis on DP RUTO’s residence attack.
In the age of lonewolf attacks , NIS need to up their game.
DP Ruto is the second in command , yesterday’s incident exposed gaps in the DP’s security. A threat to our national security.
What would happen if the attacker was a LUO or LUHYA alshabab sympathiser, what would have happened in Eldoret today???

NIS need to focus more on HUMINT(human intelligence) because some situations dont need their sophisticated technology.Focus on the police and security services retirees rotting in the villages as a first line of HUMINT from the rural areas, realible

Have DP Ruto’s guards go for refresher courses every year, embed a psychiatrist and counsellor in the security team too.

Finally, whatever happened yesterday and its subsequent “cover up” might go down as another failure in NIS history. DP’s residence isn’t casually attacked without NIS unravelling and thwarting such a plot.
My two cents is a “mentally disturbed” or stressed GSU guard was the cause of yesterday incident not a panga welding assailant.
Thats why RECCE from Nrb fought him for nearly a day, the attacker knew the residence well was highly trained. Remember, RECCE neutralised Garissa uni terrorists in a record 30 minutes.Just think outside the box, may be a small disagreement btw the DP guards turned nasty.
NIS should have an adviser in DP’s security.
Anyway, thats my “pedestrian” analysis .
PS: i’m still waiting for a job offer from the greatest Spy agency in Africa, NIS, ata kama ni a sweeper position.


So far this is the only theory I have encountered that makes the most sense.


This is actually plausible

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That attacker must be darth Vader one man with a machete 18 hour siege:D:D now what if trained mercenaries tried something??

The attacker was GSU
or was wearing a GSU uniform that is him after he was killed.


Crap…the attacker and a GSU officer died. That must be the GSU guy attacked by the assailant

that uniform belongs to GSU …Whats cooking?

Do you believe hiyo panga story? engaged recce for a day?? then the attacker must have been a highly trained mercenary…au sio?

The whole story is a sham…to me it looks like it was all an act to cover something more sinister.

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The attacker was a local, the cops knew him, he approached the gate, made small talk then pounced on the cop, the other one was sleeping in the sentry room, he heard the commotion and came out akapata jamaa ashachukua bunduki that when he got shot. The other officers heard the gunshots and came to the rescue, they pursued the attacker who took the two guns, he took refuge in a building under construction where he made his last stand. Seems like he has used guns before based on how long it took to bring him down.

Plausible. But what stress do you get from guarding DP’s home which is unoccupied at most and surrounded by friendlies ? Sioni stress hapo. So unless home-related pressure maybe?
Then 30mins after Ruto had left the compound?
It doesn’t add up.
My theory is this is a diversionary tactic by our own RWNBP or a mole was discovered mle ndani after Ruto left akichungunza juicy stuff.

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Ndugu yangu, Training ya GSU ni kali sana, thats why they guard the president…so ku disarm jamaa ako na panga na kutandika yeye kama burkenge ingechukua at most 5minutes…

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Ebu go on…some names would do us good.

The demons of 2007 are hauting that home.One ICC witness once claimed that Ruto used to have meetings and organise attacks from his Sugoi home.

just thinking outside the box Mkubwa

That’s why haimake sense to have a 6 hour gun battle na mtu mmoja. Kwani alikuwa na bullets ngapi? Na vile Recce wameiva Close Quarters Combat.

most cops are stressed lowly paid ticking time bombs.Anything small can turn nasty…
i dont buy your theory…its not political , otherwise ingekuwa a very big shit storm…with kina Duale holding press conferences etc etc

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Coz it supports the assumption that this wasn’t staged. You’re entitled to pick your poison. Power to you.
But here’s a life hack/cheat: the truth is consistent and timeless.
Do you hear conflicting stories of mzee jomo Kenyatta’s death? No.
Do you hear conflicting stories of JM Kariuki’s death? Yes.
Why are the Gospels relevant today? Because all the different authors had a similar story line.
Tafakari hayo.

Reminds me of a certain man from maasai land who went to have a routine check up at an upmarket hospital then died, according to the government. Then after the doctors refuted that claim, the narrative changed to, he collapsed in his house and was dead on arrival to hospital.

Information is your biggest asset in battle, on this one they thought they were facing two attackers because he was using two guns snatched from the GSU officers, the structure he took refuge in might be the reason it took so long, I suspect it has only one entry point and windows have metal grills, hapo inabidi patience