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My youngest bro is 27 years, and he is thinking of marrying his 25 years old girlfriend. They have had their ups and downs in the past just like any other couple in town, or so he says. That being said, the girl’s mum has recently suffered a severe stroke that has rendered her completely bedridden after years of battling hypertension. Now, considering that high blood pressure and ischemic stroke tends to run in families, he wonders whether the same fate would befall his wife-to-be in the near future and complicate their union. Should he ditch her while he still can and hook up with another gal?

Sober advice please, leo ni friday.

leo ni friday na unaitisha sober advice ? Anyways wacha walevi tukae palee ------------------> tungojee majibu banae…

Sawa mukubwa


He asked me for counsel

Kati ya wawili wametombana usiingilie…

You cant say hypertension runs in her family by judging her mom only…ama grandma pia alikuwa hivyo…or the girls siblings?
Again I thought hypertension can be treated by adjusting lifestyle including diet and exercising.
My advice if the girl is healthy now let him not worry about tomorrow especially on health.Nothing is guaranteed

Peleka huyu Dem lancet ama medanta afanyiwe DNA sequence for diabetes and hypertension. Itacost a fortune

He asked for my advice dog, wewe unafikiria kutombana tu

The grandma has diabetes. And sometimes the girl nosebleeds which i hear is a taletell sign for HBP, though not conclusive

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Acha kukojolea thread yangu chokoraaa hiii…punda ghasia, brare fakin

Wow where did that come from? I was about to give you advice but now I won’t.

Please Don’t, u have nothing in your brains but feacal matter

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Let your bro decide on his own ndauwo wewe…

Marriage is not a joke especially when u pair up with a person who has a 20% risk of developing a lifelong chronic illness kama stroke, hypertension or diabetes in her 40s and beyond. He will spend his sunset years nursing a perpetually ill spouse instead of expanding his networth. Remember that family history is one of the three main predisposing factors of stroke. Tell him to cut losses early while he still can. In fact, at 27 he should not be thinking about marriage, even remotely. He should be having his fun with them 21-year-olds who have very little baggage and expectations.

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This was also my opinion, he may regret it 2 decades from today

Sikiza hapa sasa, there’s nothing like inheriting diseases; that’s a big scam. It’s not based on any science. Genes can only load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger. That being said, your brothers girlfriend can only become sick because of her lifestyle, not genes. Ambia ndugu yako apange Harusi na next time asilete history kwa Science.