nini mbaya na majamaa siku hizi

Nobody is doing that to him/against him. He’s doing it himself. His previous posts betray him.

That girl is so innocent.

Either way, taking nude pictures of his daughter is wrong.

In kitengela there is a chic of church who didnt log out of her FB account properly. Next thing I am hearing the chic has professed her undying love for satan and all his minions. She had to quickly create a profile to post on her own profile that her orhinal account “has been hacked” to assure her fellow brethren that she hasnt gone over to the dark side.

Mohammed alfayo detected.

Mohammed Alfayo real names are CALVIN MBANE ALFAYO.
Tel No. 0790123497

Iweke twirra. KOT wachangamkie mjamaa.

Hii tuliona huto mtoto akiwa stadady 3

already trending #arrestMohammedAlfayo

mkiwa na nani, na mlifanya nini after that?

[B][U]You only had one job

To scroll 3 threads below.[/U][/B]

KOT inawaka moto

Twirra wamemchangamkia.


I doubt. Uwes likes them full of meat…I.e. momoish!

And the bugger writes that he attended UoN. I wonder what he was pursuing Bachelor of paedophilism? Mf.

I can’t believe people are calling this a set up. He is clearly posing with the girl in the same pic. I hope this pedophile gets castrated


A very sick fellow.

:D:D comp lab UON vile facebook ilianza kushika hii ndio ufala tulikuwa tunafanya.

And that someone also wrote all the explicit sexual boasts on the site?