nini mbaya na majamaa siku hizi

Ona mofo mwingine hapa

[ATTACH=full]60531[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]60532[/ATTACH]

Explicit chief.



hahahaha kujipeana

This nonsense will one day earn a mofo a long jail sentence.

This is fake profile or the guy is schizophrenic. Ama hiyo site ni ya watu kama hao.

This is one of those guys who go to a cyber, log into zukabuggaville and dont log out. They just close the window. The next guy who uses that comp unleashes damage of apocalyptic proportions in the name of having fun

Go to this guy’s FB profile and u will notice ana ka uocha hivi… He looks like the type who can post such crap

Mohammed alfayo = @Bingwa

Std 4 ni mdogo sana ingekuwa form 3 ningeelewa

Teren teren…

finally @Bingwa Scrotum inc ceo exposed

navile madem wamemkufia.
si akamue hawa desperado wamekwamilia posts zake


:D:D:D we used to do that kwa comp za shule. Ukipata mtu amelog in, you update his profile to something silly like “So proud to be gay / so proud to be a wanker”, then wait for the aftermath

Me thinks huyu ni malaya wetu Uwes!!!

This is pure madness… Shit std 4. Some zombies amaze me by how far they take their buffoonery.

Unfortunately it could be his daughter and someone just decided to mess him online.