Nini inaendelea kwa hii clip?

I’ve watched it more than ten times and can’t figure out what she had in her hands. Kuna wajuaji wanasema ni simu but I can’t see it. Halafu the way she stumbled before falling, ni fobe, high heels, ama she suddenly got dizzy and fainted just as she got to the railing? Coz a sober person would try to hold on to something. Huyu amedunda tu kama gunia. Wajuaji wa Kenyatalk, vaeni gloves za Kensalt tuchambue hii clip.

Did she die?
Where was this?
When was this?

Don’t know

Hii inakaa design ya Tuskys supermarket, kama ile branch ya commercial. But since the staff appears to be in Quickmart uniform, I’d guess hii ni ile branch ya OTC.

No idea.

Chance ya kudara matiti na haga ukienda kumsave

Nikama alikuwa akichambua magazine. Kwa sababu mag ni wide ikashield mbele kabisa hakuona railing.

Si mlevi, it just happened so fast. Hata akianguka hajawachilia magazine.

She even hit the cart and didn’t even mind vile alikuwa ameconcentrate na the mag.

Coz a sober person would try to hold on to something. Huyu amedunda tu kama gunia

If check properly she was carrying something with both hands akategwa na shopping basket… she had no time to react.

Ouch. In the US and UK scammers try to make money like this. They deliberately hurt themselves then file a personal injury claim. If it’s a big enough business or brand they will quickly settle to avoid bad press. This looks like a genuine accident though. Hope she survived.


Basi kama ali-survive she should sue the fuuck out of that supermarket. I always wonder why contractors leave that space between stairs mahali kitu ama mtu anaeza anguka all the way to the ground. Hata huku mtaa one day a five-year-old child fell between stairs from the third floor mpaka chini. He was in a coma for like two weeks lakini he made it. Siku hizi the boy is “normal” but calmer than before. He used to be bubbly, running all over the place and greeting everyone. Nowadays unamuona nje akitoka tu na mamake or siblings. No one knows how it will affect his long term development.

shida ni upatane na glass counter huko chini banae

kwani hio magazine ilikuwa na nini? ama hataki kuonana na watu?

Carrying something on chest with both hands equals less balance.First she is obstructed by the trolley,loses balance a little then the red basket on floor knocks her off balance and she is not aware of the railing ahead.

Epileptic attack/seizure

Watch closely, people already started turning their heads towards her direction just as she hit the trolley

She lost balance kitambo and she was not reading the mag when she hit the trolley. I suggest drunkenness or a medical related accident like seizures or epilepsy. This is clearly not a sober mind either way.