Nini Husumbua Waluhya


It ain’t a luhya only thing… its the trajectory the economy is taking… very soon billionaires wa runda wataanza kuwa pia kidnapped for ransom…Kenya is headed the Mzansi way

Hate speech :smiley:

As usual githeri media nonsense here is the story…
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[SIZE=7]Kakamega residents living in fear of night gang that storms houses to eat food and slaughter cows[/SIZE]
By Benard Lusigi | May 12th 2023

Kakamega county is experiencing the emergence of people stealing food in the kitchen at night and slaughtering cows that they share among themselves.
Seven families in Shinyalu constituency are stranded in the cold after a group of 100 people stormed their homes, torched 11 houses, cooked and ate food that was being prepared before attempting to kill cows.
The attack is said to have been carried out after the seven families allegedly trespassed on the Shavirotsi Primary Complex School, something that irked a section of the community and turned against the families.

Mbaruya wameanza upuzi za Wakisii.

ng’ombe mjinga wewe, huezi kaa bila kutaja wakisii kabisa.

@Ngau ati mnafanya nini?

It’s just an economic crisis thing. Not waluhya problem.

Been to naija lately?

How long is a night in kakamega, to enable one slaughter a cow, cook, and eat without the neighbors and police coming to the rescue?

:smiley: kuna moja ilichinjwa io ingine ni royco ya githeri media

Hustlers …wanakula mali ya madynasty…bado Central soon


Ebu uliza Yule Malaya wako wa tagged mbaruya mwenye unalipia rent.

The economy is biting hard.People are suffering.

Siku hizi media imeanza kuwa na story nyingi sana za jaba.

Hao waluhya wezi wakinyamba lazima utahama

Najua the culprit ,I know them :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D mtoto wa mama pima mchafu mwenye litoris refu @uwesmake na mpenzi wake @Starscream must be held accountable :smiley:

Si juzi @uwesmake akitomba ng’ombe ya neiba ?