Nini Husumbua Walimu Lakini?

Of all my friends, or rather, the people I interact with regularly, professional teachers are the most intellectually lackluster; most of them are naive, narrow minded fools. If you want to sell some harebrained pyramid scheme type of idea, sell it to them. If you want to con, they are the best type of suckers. And to think that these are the folks who are supposed to ‘educate our kids’…!

My mama was a teacher and would not suck into any bs. Hii blanket judgement yako peleka kwa choo

Spending most time with the children they are not street smart.

Kuna walimu walinifunza enyewe. I know they fit this bill to a T.
But in my experience ukienda ocha kwetu most properties of note are owned by teachers. Or people who used to be teachers. Pia some place in Nyeri called King’ong’o and this guy was telling me most plots are owned by teachers. True to it, i ended up living in such a place. Very nice houses unaona mwenyewe alichapa planning vizuri.

Angalau weka synopsis

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Wacha wivu

Shenzi kabisa, you were educated by the same teachers, and now you view them as narrow minded fools, idiot

Wacha kuingilia waalimu Bana. Heshimu the people who moulded you into the person you are.

Leta story

Maybe so but teachers are mostly the wealthiest working group and most aggressive accumulators of wealth in most countries. Calculated as a ratio of lifetime income saved + generated wealth / lifetime income earned

An average teacher is relatively wealthier than the average doctor. The later has a way higher income but the former group saves a lot more despite being on a way lower income. You will also often find a teacher in a ton of saccos and chamas.

You will find that most teachers often retire to their own homes and have a relatively low amount of debt.