Nini husumbua hawa vijana wa MGTOW

We marry young, beautiful, intelligent, well-educated women from good families so that they can bear for us intelligent and good looking kids. We don’t do it for them, we do it for us and our progeny.

It’s not about pussy, it’s about legacy. The life of a human is confined to their genes. You marry some random chick from a dysfunctional family full of sociopaths, your kids will likely follow that path; every human trait emanates from the genes, at least that’s what the latest research tells us.

Lakini hawa vijana wadogo wajinga who haven’t accomplished much like @muchatha local, all they think about is pussy and love (because that;s what they lack). Naturally, they get rejected, halafu wanakuja kulia lia hapa ati wao Ni MGTOW. Listen, as I said earlier, focus on attaining success, and women will flock to you. Then you’ll have the liberty to choose the best, the most beautiful and the brightest of them all and you’ll end up having the best, the most beautiful and the brightest kids.

The measure of success of a species its ability to propagate itself. The measure of a man, is being able deal your progeny the best hand by passing on to them premium genes, social cachet, and the resources they need to start off in life. To achieve this, you need a woma/en with brains, beauty, and a bit of social cachet. Now, to attract such a woman, you need to be on top your game too. And to keep such a woman around, you need to take care of her needs; just like you service you car.

You don’t go on a cry-wank fest when you’re handed your car service bill. Why? Because your car provides you an essential service, it’s worthy it. It should be the same with your woman.

But if you don’t want kids because you’re weak or your have faulty genes, then cool don’t bother, be a MGTOW; maintaining women is a low ROI affair for you. But if you want to propagate your genes and sire then next Obama, Bill Gates, or Elon Musk, then you’ve got to put in the work. You do it for you, not for them.


100% right!!! Hata punda haioni ubaya wa viboko. We’ll never get it.

Oya mr gåy man, wacha kukojolea threads zote na upus.
You need to be taken out back and get hosed down ujinga ikutoke

They have a low self esteem. They think life revolves around money and sex, and alcohol. They think a woman and a few kids will finish their money, and limit their access to alcohol. Lakini ile kitu hawajui, ni nature inawacontrol. Wao ni mbegu mbaya, enye haifai kuendelea, so nature inawafanya wasioe, na wasilee watoto, ndio wasipass values zao mbaya kwa kizazi kingine. ndio wakikufa io mbegu mbaya ipotee kwa dunia.

:D:D:D:D:D:D… Vile Gandhi alisema some time back… First they ignore MGTOW, then they laugh at MGTOW, then they fight MGTOW, then MGTOW wins…

At least MGTOW is getting a proper thread on the General Forum of Kenyatalk… I count this as a win for MGTOW… How long before a Kenyan newspaper reports on MGTOW, then the blondes on Kenyan TV stations does a segment on MGTOW, then a documentary on MGTOW… Chema chajiuza…

As they say, baby steps…

MGTOW kenyan chapter ni ya losers. No difference na kilimani whores

@Duke of Coomersvile uko? Defend your cult.
Are you still meditating on fresh new ways to hate women?
Tutangoja, gathee.

What do you say about this, uta impeach ukiwa pande gani?

Is it too early to do a victory dance? because najua utashindwa to counter that :rolleyes: point.

Sasa hiyo mbegu nzuri itakusaidia aje ukiwa umekufa uko kaburini unangoja kuchomeka kuzimuni

How will the legacy help you when you are rotting 6-feet under waiting to burn in hell? On the other hand, your kids and concubines will be busy fighting for your property. Or you think your fellow spirits will be applauding you or even elect you to be their elder for leaving behind good genes?

In Sheol where we are all going there is no marriage and families, marry hand have a family while alive

This is bullshit. I do not endorse the message if Mashoga Going Their Own Way but if late feminists amekuja vibaya sana. It’s best if a woman approaches a woman with care, and again. Intelligence is NEVER inherited but learned. How many cases do we know of professors with stupid as you kids??

jibu swali

Aint gay u HOMO

Studies of adult individuals have found a heritability of IQ between 57% and 73% with the most recent studies showing heritability for IQ as high as 80% and 86%. So it’s a probability game, it’s a matter of hedging your bets wisely. That said, IQ on it’s own isn’t a predictor of ‘success’ although to get into complex professions like medicine, you obviously need to have a high IQ.

Even if we went by your claim, don’t you think a smart woman will make a better mother? Your kids will have more to learn from them.

One would think you’re the origin of MTGOW. Western world chieth which you think is hip to parrot around. So you’ll be happy when it’s picked up by Kenyan TV stations? Some ambitions jameni:D

Nilikuwa nakubaliana na wewe but hapo nimekataa kwani ni malaya nimeoa ndio I need to take care of a human being with thirty teeth earning more money than me .

Bibi akisha zaa entitlement yafaa iishe na heshima idumu. Mimi bibi akinianzia madharau ntamchuja and live with my kids .

:D:D:D:D:D… Pedestrian thinking ,my Fren ,Child rearing and marriage are independent phenomenon and not mutually exclusive. The satisfaction of living your life without being gas lit .and being tortured to death is the most fulfilling thing on Earth.

Gas lit? If you’re such a weakling that you can be manipulated and ‘tortured’ by a woman, then you chose the right path. Be a MGTOW. Women aren’t for weaklings.

:D:D:D:D:D…Kuma ninapata na kutomba, children I raise them without the encumbrance s of being gas lit/ female/chieth , Hii no Kama kukunywa maziwa bila kufuga ngombe, explain how this is “weakness”.