Nini husumbua chimpanzee? Ata kwa kanisa nguvu za kiume

African men though. Badala aitishe pesa au ukame iishe ni nguvu za kiume. Chimpanzees mutaniua.


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A pastor is praying for a man who wants nguvu za kiume by grabbing his balls

Na nyie mnalia muolewe daily, na io maombi inaeza include pastor anointing ur poothi with his oiled deek

Evangelical churches in Africa hupenda ngono sana…

How can a man grab your balls ati poke a nguvu za kiume? In church?

I saw one pastor in Ghana touching women vaginas to bless their wombs

Evangelicals can go full retard in a matter of minutes

Vagina of pubis? Vagina is abit far to reach

No just touching her private parts… she was fully clothed though

I heard another one was anointing women with oil butt naked. In his office.

:D:D:DAta natamani kukua pastor bana