Nini hii sasa

SENIOR POLICE officers to be deployed to head security operations in schools, universities to counter radicalisation - Interior CS Nkaissery

Upus kabisa. One of the reasons why terrorism has flourished in the recent past is the belief that terrorism can be fought using traditional methods of law enforcement. I agree with Donald trump on this one, when dealing with terror, you need to think outside the box. The move is ok to infiltrate cells but what about lone wolves?

what i think we need is infiltration of the terrorist cells by the nis guys. by the way kitambo nis was all over in the villages collecting info, does this still happen ama ili vamoose na Mo1

Lone wolves are the real threat as we saw in Orlando and today morning in Nice


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they always have, every university in Kenya has police masquerading as students or support staff, if that hasnt detered all strikes, how now are they going to deal with radicalisation

Hii ujinga ya huu mzee inazidi sasa.

Alafu matiangs anaongeza letter of clearance from county head

All kinds of ideas but no one wants to deal with the root cause , poverty, oppression and so on.
No one in the right minds can wake up and just decided to blow up …
If you ask me, these are all for show solutions .

BS, ule kijana alitoa UK akaenda kuishi na Al-kebab msituni ni poverty na oppression gani ili mpeleka huko. Your statement assumes everybody is of sound mind

Hata yule law graduate who was involved in Garissa attacks came from a well off family.