Ningesweep hii ngombe.

[ATTACH=full]471011[/ATTACH]Ati apologize for being reckless. Give me a break. Kwani hii Amerix ni nini! Shenzi kabisa.

Amerix amefuga wanaume huko kama makondoo, hawawezi survive bila yeye.

need backstory as to why one was being a bitch and apologizing

He is apologizing for that very first text in the screenshot ie not writing properly.

The young man has a cult following.


jaluo ni meffi ya doggie

I thought he was a doctor like @rexxsimba … kumbe ni clinical officer :oops::oops:

ndio hii previous text


Ata sio clinical officer, hakuenda kmtc, ni mtu ya community health.

Reminds me of this meme… Yenyewe confidence ni muhimu…

Unawewza fikiria jamaa ame publish peer reviewed papers in top medical journals…

This is a reckless and disrespectful thread.

kumbe eric amunga sio world reknown doctor?
munataka kusema ako na certificate of community health?

yenyewe confidence is everything

Male Bonobos:D:D:D

KMTC has some very interesting Allumni … :D:D:D