Ningekua Samidoh

I would keep this woman and respect her but fuck all the hottest ladies in town… Anakaa wale mabibi hanawanga shida bora you are not disrepecting her in public.


Sounds like hujawai ishi na Dem miezi mbili


Hehe buda, I was in a come we stay union for close to a year…Used to fuck around but I never showed whoever was in the house madharau… I guess you aint getting my point. Look, kitambo, men used to fuck around and could do anything to keep mama watoto in the house…Look at our fathers, they have been married to the same woman for decades but that doesnt mean they did fuck around


She has already moved on …
Samidoh is history …
Well kept and not dished by every Tom , Dick and Harry … :bouquet: :+1:



At some point these selfies, she should leave for 20 year olds. Age shows on women.

@Ngimanene-Na-matharo what’s your opinion on his story ya samedoe?

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Figsed for you my friend

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