Nine dead after crane collapses on people in Nairobi

Nine people were confirmed dead yesterday after a crane collapsed at a construction site in Nairobi’s Hurlingham area.

The incident is said to have started at around 12.45 pm when the crane lost balance before it collapsed down.

“Everything was just happening as usual and these construction workers were dismantling this crane since this building is now complete. But immediately they began dismantling it from the top, the crane lost balance and it collapsed,’ said Boniface Njuguna, a carpenter who has been working at the site.

Njuguna said since they began the construction two years ago, the building has been stable and had never shown any sign of collapsing.

“We suspect this to be the fault with the crane because all along we have been working here and the building has a very strong foundation,’ added Njuguna.

He added, “Some people were up on the crane dismantling it when it crashed. It is like they did not balance the weight well and it is unfortunate because eight people are now dead and two have been taken to hospital”.

What do you expect when fake supervisors like @Randy are the ones in site.

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