Nimepata Access to young kmtc college girls

So nimeboeka jobo. Naingia FB and search for kmtc college. I join the group. Kule ndani napata students sharing whatsapp groups for this year September intake. I click on the link. Najipata kwa group. Mimi huyoooooo faster faster kwa group details. Naenda nakagua group members and pick on the females am interested in. Natafuta tu young young based on profile pic za whatsapp zao. I message them. So far nimepata wawili ma 19yrs wamemaliza highschool this year. Thanks @Thiem for showing us the trick. Nikiwa ndani ya hiyo group na feel kama wolf in a group of sheeps. Imebidi nitoke hiyo group after harvesting afew numbers coz those young kids are filling my whatsapp with notifications na ni maffi tu wana post.[ATTACH=full]374361[/ATTACH]


  1. No string attached
  2. No stupid emotions
  3. They love sex more than you do.
  4. Don’t show them you have money or else utawekewa preconditions
  5. Use protection
  6. You might just struggle the first time, after that wewe mwanaume ndo utatafutwa always after.
  7. Hakuna kuhesabiwa shots kama lanyes…hapa ni wewe utachoka:D


Rushia Mimi link kwa inbox nisample

Naona mmegundua hio chuom.

I left the group. Those kids were posting alot of nonsense. Hawajakomaa bana. Nilichuna tu numbers na nika left


Look at this one…nilikatomba mara moja Sasa ni yeye ananitafuta with endless calls. She asked me for just 500/- and I still never sent her anything. Probably when I need her again ntampea hiyo 500/-

Are you ready to deal with the irrational expectations of the teens? Immaturity is the only thing they will bring to you as you look for nunu… refrain or you will regret it later…!

Maraya mkuu, hope you don’t get daughter’s otherwise wakifuata mienedo yako wataanza kugawa wakiwa preschool.

That is the truth… you are in the territory of kids… they have not yet matured… not worth the risk lest she gets mad and she decides to cause chaos all over…

They are over 18yrs. Personally siwezi guza under 18

I have 2 daughters. Siwezi shinda nikiwafuata kila mahali when they grow up ati ndio wasitombwe. I will just advise them not to be a single mom. Yaani no kids before marriage. Anything else wajibambe

  1. to 20 years are just immature irrational kids… only a few are experienced kungurus who started the pssy game at 14… unless you meet the experienced ones, no shida tupu tu!

Aim nikukula something young. Am tired of high mileage pudesh.

You will be shocked to find them loose pssies with 19 year old PYTs and find a tight pssy with a 45 year old… it is not about age…

Sasa na hawa vile siku hizi by the time wamalize highschool huwa washapakwa makamasi kona zote

I have experience with 19 yo loose pssies a while ago when I was younger and 45 yo mathe and would still go to the 45 yo mathe any day…

This is bulshit and western feminism
Ask your mother, she was probably married when she was 18.

If you don’t approach and fuckk 20yrs old, then know bado wanakuliwa huku nje regardless:D

It’s either you or someone else

Ni hivyo mzito mimi nakula 18-21 pekee na ile kitu natoa ni mzinga na chips. Btw be prepared they are very clingy sijui ni wangapi nimepump and dump only for them to show up at my door crying the entire day.

Hao napeleka Airbnb nyumbani khupipi ako

I am not saying that it is wrong to pump the hole of an 18-20 yo girl… only that it does not mean it’s better than a tighter 45 yo woman… and the risks of running into major problems with the teenager are much more than the older female… trust me…