Nimeingia Tanga Tanga

If Ruto is the bitter pill we have to swallow to escape this BBI catastrophe I say bring him on.


Hii by saa tatu itakuwa chini.

You can win the referendum but lose the final election. Orange won the referendum in 2005 but lost the election in 2008. And what did that lead to? Violence.

Will history repeat itself? Let’s hope not.

And what you are seeing today is exactly how they started in 2004. Matusi. You cannot stop tsunami! No, tsunami must be stopped.

“You cannot stop reggae!”

“I will stop reggae Kenya is a God fearing…”

Mimi nmejoin wajinga @sani na @langatkipro kupinga BBI

BBI is a scheme so that the family we all know acts like they own Kenya can protect their interests.

Down with BBI and down with their stranglehold on this country and their ill gotten wealth.

Little wonder WSR travels in his own private helicopter, unlike George Saitoti

Prime minister…Uhuru meffi
Regional governors-current governors on second term
BBI will pass .Ruto is NOT against it.NO politician is.
I support this shiit…tuangamize Kenya so that we go back to default settings

Tanga Tanga hatutoki hata tukilipwa. They are all as bad as each other but we are better off with WSR. I don’t know of any other country with such a bloated leadership.

I think we should be for anything but Uhuru near any governance seat. Hta hizo viti waongeze halafu waende watu wengine wazijaze

and this is probably NIS testing the waters…saa hii wako online wakiangalia your reactions

That is because Uhuru is blackmailing all leaders to support BBI. The purpose of BBI is for citizens to serve leaders and not for leaders to serve citizens.

Wakenya ni kama tu kondoo. Wakiambiwa ruka wanaruka.

No wonder they don’t want to hand out bbi documents wananchi wajisome

This nonsense called BBI will most likely pass & Uhuru will be in the post 2022 govt.

Very few leaders can oppose it openly, the few who will do so have no clout.

For DP, he has to be on the YES side so as not to be taken as opposing his boss and lose Mt Kenya bloc.

It will sort nothing, absolutely nothing. Only an idiot actually thinks that having Kyuks, Lunjes, Kaos, Luos, Kales in govt as deputy this or assistant that makes the country united.

However much you distribute power, it still remains clear who calls the shots whether it’s President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, Mfalme, Mzee Mnyama or whatever you call that post. That post will still be the most coveted and source of much divisions/disunity.

Kenya ina shida mingi…sasa nini hii. Msijifanye hamjaona 14 regional governments. Alafu bado kuna 47 county governments. Alafu kuumiza naona MCAs bado wako

Why in the hell do we need a prime minister plus 2 deputy PMs

Wakenya watatumia akili Ile siku Bei ya unga itafika 400/.

But funny thing guys, ngoja uone wakitoa hio lineup of who will be prime minister and deputies etc. Hapo ndio watu wa ocha watatupeana as long as mtu wao ako on the list . That’s the trick these guys are using

Mkate nusu style

Mkate nusu na quoter 2

as mount kenyan, i support the president, but hizi posts (PM, DPMs and regional governors, n ati must a deputy in any sector be a woman) i will strongly be on the NO BBI side.