Nimefuga 20 year-old

Have been cohabiting with a prewall twenty old babe for two weeks now and it looks like she might in for life.

Put in the babies asap and deport her tu sibera before “Independent women” convert her into a single matha.

Chifu mmewacha kuwa ‘pregnant’ ukaingia embobut?

Sisi hata picha ya wall hatujakataa

Kumbe you are just out of your teens otherwise how do you cope with the pettiness of a 20 year old? This puts to rest a long held view in the village

Hata sketch ya magoti. Meffi

juzi si umetuonyesha picha ya your very pregnant wife

Twentywhat? Umenyandua ukamwaga mpaka akili

Any woman below 25 is a liability.I hope you’re prepared for the drama that comes with that age

@uwesmake eats school kids

Shes okay as a side dish. Lakini hiyo mambo ingine ni shida tupu.

Shifo last week mlikuwa pregnant, Leo nka pre wall soft meat.
Endelea kula tu. Bed ndio hio[ATTACH=full]492929[/ATTACH]

Huyo ni first wife and she lives 250km away from my diggs

Huyo ni first wife and she lives 250km away

Barely twenty but she is mature like hell

She is mature like hell

2 weeks, you are still dreaming! Luckily you will wake up soon to the nightmare that’s life

All is well and fine so far.

fake news

Mkubwa congrats