Nimefika.. "So?" "Kwa hivyo"

Gents kuna the 10 minutes before umeet na dame from tagged inakuanga tricky sana.

Both of u are in the same location. Yet not quite sure where.

“Simama kwa mbarabara nikuone” “Ulizia kwa chifu ni wapi”

Hapa it calls for a calm head otherwise utapoteza mboga. Entitled lanyes a now a thing!

I dont like bringing women to my place coz its a shit hole and wataniitisha transport. So me huhostiwa sanasana. (Cant afford room). This is my humble abode. Gate hufungwa 10p.m. sharp

Uzuri me siwekangwi na mathe nikingoja ngimanene motomoto kama @mzeemashavu. Elders tell this kid ahame akue independent

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Bado unakula lanye , hujaona @Staff_Member anameza arvs

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this thing is reminiscent of something you’d find where they offer up burnt sacrifices to some false god :green_emoji: :green_emoji:


you’re meeting a lanye in a hosted place? Na ukiwekewa mchele aibe vitu… Or what am I missing here

The building looks like that terrorist lair which was set for a drone strike in Eye In The Sky. Maybe some horrid earth-shattering plans are hatched within its drab walls.


The ark of the Tabernacle in the Old testament.

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looks very familiar. inafanana mahali flani along kangundo road.

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oomoja thrii ama kwa maji - njia ya kupasua ukienda matopeni …ama kunaitwaje? ile polisi ya huko dandora?

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Bro iyo ni shop ya curtains.

Na this is one of the best apartments in the area

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Hapa ni iyo mteremke ya Njiru before ufike Chokaa


As I said earlier hii kijiji imejaa umaskini tu kama @PERDITION


Buying and constructing such a structure will take u 8m.

4m for land ( iko kwa barabara). If u get lucky mtu anauza.

Na another 4m kujenga. (If mhindi is kind on ur niggro ass)

What is man talking about. Chokaa aint no slum. Huku ni kwa masonko

Ukienda calabash hautakua na hizi mashida.

Kupiga watu nyongolo na kukula matawi kama sungura Dio kuomoka jangiri? Spare me please humbwer

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Not too long ago, all the bar waiters, including the one behind the counter, were considered trappers.

They were referred to as Malaya wa bar.

To climb them, one had to wait until ‘masaa ya kufunga kazi’ so that they can chips funga them to a nearby lodging.

Sometimes, there would be two or three men eating njaro waiting for one particular waiter afunge kazi.

A silent competition ensured as men would eat njoro pretending to be drinking ‘one more beer’ as they waited patiently for the last customer to leave.

Yule pesa zake za pombe zitaisha haraka atajiondoa kwenye kinyang’anyiro. The one who lasted longer won the prize.

I won this competition a few times.

Those bar ladies were not young; they had good mileage on their faces and kibwenye.

They were the type of women you’ll never want to be seen with them during the day. Utachoma!

Those older bar ladies did not seem to enjoy sex. An encounter with them was very mechanical.

But things have changed now. The waiters I see in these pubs are young, well educated girls who possess an exceptional mastery of the English language.

Some are actually college students or college graduates.

They adorn themselves with makeup, stylish hairstyles, and are always carrying a smartphone. Their pleasant fragrance can’t be missed.

And they also have a nice pair of well rounded humongous buttocks.

To climb them, just take their phone number and start sending nice WhatsApp messages.

Before you know it, utaulizwa kama unataka kibwenye siku yenye atakua off duty.

Utadinywa mastyro deadly deadly hadi utii.

Tūmee Tutu