Nimeamua sasa hii ntaionea Fox Cineplex. Bloody Crackers

Ningedownload piratebay lakini acha Cineplex Sarit waminye hela zangu raundi hii. Staki jua kama ni wenye Movie wametoa hii posta kupandisha rangi nyeusi mori ili wanunue filamu. Zangu zshapanda. Ntalipa Cineplex ya Muhindi nionee kwenye big screen. Na ntabeba furushi la Alele ili nikae alert kila sekunde. Mwene Mutapa Empire, the Great Zimbabwe in the house


Protect wakanda at all costs… .They know this movie has the potential of breaking the box office… The reviews is sitting
… White dumb society cant believe this shit… But if this gets win its a big deal since its tge directors 3rd movie and the characters are majorly black… Shit will open the market for more content… Btw the ost( album) is crazy… Absoul and andersoon paak and that seasons track… .

enda IMAX kizee

Inakuja garden city when nikimbie huko chap chap

It’s actually fun to watch a movie on a theater other than kudownload, kama unaweza pia u can invite that slayqueen

Movie ni ya disney, sijui mbonaBlacks wanadhani ni movie yao. Profits will benefit Disney Shareholders n not you

Oh my not this man…the director is black the main cast is black…the cutlure is black …its the platform to expose our workmanship…wacha kuwa belittled into that form of thinking…kwani the actors ain gone paid the director won’t be given bigger titles…come on man…your easily being dragged into stupid discouragement

Am a simple black man with simple black pleasures. I see Lupita, Gurrira or Gathegi on the Posta, I watch.

Last time I checked you were a diehard DC fan and had been talking shit of how Disney the corporate giant ruins comic books n here you are hyping their movie. Or when It’s an all black cast then it’s nolonger a disney movie? Spare us the hypocrisy

No biggie, enjoy it in 3d with Jaber in tow

I am Dc but black culture is more important than DC vs Marvel… and even though it wont be perfect cant let it not break the box office…this is bigger than the beef i have with them…and you know am a comic book guy more than a fanboy of either i even state how i read deadpool and x-men comics …but hate the main movies cuz ni so catered for kids and deadpool the only R-rated one is 1 of the goat supes movie yet kuna watu hapa that hate it…which is weird as fuck…this is for the culture if this hits then some good africa based stories can start shinning and no more those HW sad movies …some real gansta shit…you know black dynamite 2 is also coming out…back to us bieng on top with our shit man

Black American culture is similar to black African culture?

No? But this african culture and black dynamite is black american either way our skin tone wins…thats why i ain tooting BD that much even though i also want it to have win and blow out…cuz we need that real funny black shit not the kevin hart bs that been going on…some RAW shit za kina eddy murphy before he sold out…black jokes for real! and black dynamite is gonna push those sjw buttons so bad i can’t wait!!

Hio ni base ya corporate chillez