Nimeamua Kuwacha Pombe

I am now doing Day three and my mind is so damn Clear, I understand about the repercussions of relapse but I will face I’d hard on. My Focus is my wife, my kids and my Career.
My aim of writing is to reach to someone who has made such a decision and has pulled through to guide ama anipe tips, Good day you’ all

All the best and good for you young man.
If you don’t want to drink make sure you avoid the pubs at all cost. Look for a hobby like gym or farming in shags.

3 days is just the first step. You have a long way to go

Change of social circle is mandatory if you hope to stick to that, also focus on learning a new skill.

Are you an occasional, habitual or an addicted drinker? I am (was?) both habitual and occasional ,when two of my close associates fell to addiction and reformed i took it upon myself to support their fight and somehow ‘quit’ drinking. Its been 9 months i havent touched alcohol. It somehow feels great,lost some weight 5kgs:D
You might have to re evaluate your aquaintances and how it affects you AND drinking,kama ni wale wa ‘uko?’ ,hio utapunguza,focus on your fam and it’ll fizzle out. I have no probs with the tipple,but this is the longest nimekaa.

Ok. Thanks for informing us.

commit vices to one day a week… going cold turkey is torture

I am Glad I made the First step. I am ready to go all the way

I moved to a Different town nilipata kazi kwingine. My circle is small hawajui hata nakunywa pombe

Habitual Drinker for like a decade now, it used to be occasional but lately imeniletea problems and family Bado hazijafika kazi, so far my friends are far Niko alone now… I am reading the Big book and The Naked mind. I was planning also to reach out to a support day group . I am encouraged by your testimony will borrow a leaf

Tricky sana. That one Bottle is a downfall


I stopped drinking for four days at the beginning of this week. Mara ghafla my stomach started misbehaving and food digestion almost became a problem. I had to go back and take a few drinks to normalize the situation. Kuwacha pombe si rahisi but the key is to be a responsible and economical drinker

One day at a time, I’m at 130 days, the first two weeks are usually the hardest, but your liver will thank you for the break.

Very good, jikaze. One day at a time.

Napenda sana hio focus…

Find out why you drink first.

Stopping without determining the factors that push you to drink is like treating symptoms instead of the disease.

I believe most alcoholics have issues that “push” them towards the bottle.

Get a support group like rehab. You’d be surprised how good it does. I have a friend who didn’t even know they had a drinking problem.

Boredom and losing friends ndio shida ya sober life

Of course I have the underlying factors, boredom being the first one another one is addiction.
I started drinking in Campus due to peer pressure, one of my friend he was a sophomore by then was an addict by then and a true friend since I was so broke na fee issue, so I was his loyal friend coz he used to assist in terms of food alikuwa anatoka familia posh,…he was later discontinued due to Alcohol induced psychosis.