Nimeambiwa niwaaambie that all Democrats should watch this.

Cheki maneno sasa. Slow and steady, steady but sure.


And he blocked all subpoenad fellas because he was innocent. And he stands impeached btw. The Democrats already won in my opinion

Trump robots

I thought you said a long time ago that you don’t support either the Dems or Republicans?

And that you hate all Americans in general and especially? You sounded like a bitter Democrat just now.

So I shouldn’t have an opinion as a neutral?
U kept bragging Hapa about how Trump my tingod cunt be impeached. Hahaha, what happened

Neutral my foot.

And Trump hasn’t been impeached. What in the world are you going on about?

Donald John Trump is still the President of the U.S of A!!

Kumbe unakuanga Fala ivo. Trump was impeached, what he is waiting for is trial for removal of office. Niwaigua nyamenyi ino

Impeachment ni wewe na watu wenu kimenyi.

Sasa unataka kulia

When is this trial and removal from office?


Kwani ndio Umetoka jela. It happened in the senate

Was the president removed?

Gosh I must have missed it.

Niaje chokosh.

A conviction was reached but compromised

Oh my. But will they try and appeal and maybe re-convict? What will happen?

(You know me I have never understood these things. Maybe you can explain slowly.)

We will revisit after we throw him out during elections